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Baptist Dog

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    Talking Baptist Dog

    Baptist Dog

    A Baptist preacher and his wife decided to get a new dog. Ever mindful of the congregation, they knew the dog must also be a Baptist. They visited kennel after kennel and explained their needs. Finally, they found a kennel whose owner assured them he had just the dog they wanted.

    The owner brought the dog to meet the pastor and his wife. 'Fetch the Bible,' he commanded. The dog bounded to the bookshelf, scrutinized the books, located the Bible, and brought it to the owner. 'Now find Psalm 23' he commanded. The dog dropped the Bible to the floor and showing the marvelous dexterity with his paws, leafed through and found the correct passage, then pointed to it with his paw. The pastor and his wife were very impressed and purchased the dog. That evening, a group of church members came to visit.

    The pastor and his wife began to show off the dog, having him locate several Bible verses. The visitors were very impressed. Finally, one man asked, 'Can he do regular dog tricks, too?' 'I haven't tried yet,' the past or replied. He pointed his finger at the dog. 'HEEL!' the pastor commanded. The dog immediately jumped on a chair, placed one paw on the pastor's forehead and began to howl. The pastor looked at his wife in shock and said, 'Good Lord! He's Pentecostal.'
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    that was hilarious.
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    ROFLMAO At the risk of another caution from the mods ill post my favorite Baptist joke , well one of them lol and no disrespect ment , it is more a parable than an actual joke .

    Can anyone here tell me just why one should allways take TWO or more Baptist fishing ?......

    Well if you take two or more they wont drink any of your beer , if you take one he will drink more than his share and then " swear you not to tell his wife " LOL .
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    I am Baptist and love this, although I'll drink your beer no matter how many other Baptists are there (Preacher's Kid)

    My Dad always told this joke (he is a Ret. Minister):

    Why don't Baptists have sex standing up?

    So no one will think they are dancing!!

    It is much funnier to see a Baptist Preacher tell it.

    And remember, wherever there are 4 Baptists, there is always a fifth of something!
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    Now thats funny!!
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    I like it, and the beer too, Paco.
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    Special shout out to witness and jerm1109, sundance and I say howdy

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