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Thread: Ah, the memories

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    Ah. . . the BCT Gas Chamber. Such fond memories!

    I was attached to an MP unit for a quick minute and went through their riot training. Part of the training included being sprayed in the face (no mask), then having to state: name, rank, SSN, unit motto, 3 General Orders, do 40 push ups, do 40 sit ups, then run a half mile, all before being allowed to decontaminate. The MP’s don’t play!
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    Makes me taste the fritos from lunch I had last time I got gassed. It's not that bad, and if you manage to keep your eyes open you see some really, really, hilarious stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joleary223 View Post
    I had the good fortune to get "Gassed" by both the Navy and the Marine Corps, just one of the benefits of being a Corpsman.
    At least the Marines actually taught us how to use the gas mask, the Navy just wanted us to suffer.
    Same thing going in the smoke chamber during ship board fire fighting
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    I firmly believe that most of the 'training' that involved tear gas, pepper spray, smoke chambers and Meggers were purely for the entertainment of our torturers.

    I wouldn't exactly call them fond memories, but I'm glad they are among my memories.
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    Lots of good gas chamber memories - except the one time a guy had a seizure. That wasn't the best - although it was funny afterwards. Now OC spray on the other hand - that stuff is no joke.


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    Any memories anyone?

    For me it was that, rambling off my info (as stated above), walking out, being intrigued that the snotification from my nostrils met the mucous trail from my mouth at about beltline. I marveled for about 1 second. that is until a big tree jumped up out of nowhere and hit me.

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    Been there, done that,a long time ago and never want to do it again.Thank God I won't have to.sj

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