Levi Jeans came out very leftist. They pulled all of their advertising from the Boy Scout magazines when the BSA refused to allow a gay man to be a sout master. I never was a Boy Scout, and I have absolutely nothing against consenting adults making a lifestyle choice, but the BSA is a private organization and should be allowed to set its own rules. Levi-Straus has a right to spend its money where it chooses and causes it supports. The company just won't be getting anymore of my company, and I wore Levi jeans prior to the aformentioned events.

I wore Arizona jeans as well that I bought from JC Penny. They are remarkably similar to Levi jeans and may have actually been made by Levi Straus.

I like Wranglers. Wrangler pretty much has two lines of jeans. They have the pro rodeo line, 13MWZ, that you can get at feed and tack stores and "western" stores. They have the other line that you can get at Walmart and such places.

The aformentioned Faded Glory jeans are okay.

I have really come to like jeans from the Bass store. I don't know how common these stores are, but there is one in an outlet mall near where my brother lives. I bought a pair of jeans there at his suggestion and have been VERY pleased with them.