Do you use a radar detector?

Do you use a radar detector?

This is a discussion on Do you use a radar detector? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am driving up to Seattle this weekend to take a training class. It is several hours on the road. I typically drive the speed ...

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Thread: Do you use a radar detector?

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    Do you use a radar detector?

    I am driving up to Seattle this weekend to take a training class. It is several hours on the road. I typically drive the speed limit (), but I am bringing my radar detector just so I know what is happening around me.

    Just wondering if anyone else uses one.
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    Not me. I think it's a tool used to try and beat the law. I use my cruise control, and my GPS beeps if I go a little too fast. Since I'm CCW, I don't want to have to deal with LEO if I can avoid it!

    That's my 2¢
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    I used to when I lived in New England, but they're not legal here in VA.

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    I used one when the limit was 55.
    Yep to beat the law.
    Troopers were all over the NY State thruway.
    If they can use electronics why can't I?

    If you're that cautious you'll be fine without one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirForceShooter View Post
    If they can use electronics why can't I?
    Because law abiding citizens don't actively plot ways to break the law without consequence. Once they do, they're no longer law abiding citizens.
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    I use one. It gets the emergency vehicle alerts, has a compass, and will talk you you. Don't really need it, generally nobody will mess with you around here if you're doing under ten over. One can usually spot the ground's the air assaults that seem a bit unfair.

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    When I was younger I wanted one, but now I don't drive fast enough to warrant getting one. I try to keep within 5-8 mph of the speed limit. I haven't been bothered since I made that change a few years ago.

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    We used to, at least until the wife pulled out to pass three cars and went 5 mph over.
    Radar detector never made a sound.
    Trooper was nice enough but wrote her.
    Once he said "Have a nice day," and handed her the ticket, she pulled the radar detector loose from its mount, unplugged it, said "Excuse me a moment," and opened her door.
    He stepped back.
    She stepped out and proceeded to dash the offending detector to the pavement, three times, hard, then she stomped it twice more.
    She carefully picked up the few fragments that resulted -- the detector made a distinct rattling sound when she picked it up -- she tossed it in the back seat and got back behind the wheel.
    The trooper did a fine job of stifling his laughter as he handed her back her driver's license, and he was courteous enough not to laugh out loud until after we'd pulled back into traffic.
    I saw him doubled over and pounding the hood of his cruiser in utter mirth and merriment as we departed.
    We don't use a radar detector anymore.
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    They don't work, unless the LEO is passively running his radar.
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    I don't use one. My GPS has data on traffic cams in various cities. That is helpful for those who may speed or are risky drivers but I just putter along in my SUV and try to eek every drop of fuel from my 15 MPG gas-guzzling slob of a truck.

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    I am not a cop, and I don't play one on TV.

    But if I am pulling traffic duty and I pull over some dude with his radar detector (and they don't always help- - the traffic cops and turn them off and on and get you without your fuzzbuster alerting) - - that guy is going to get a rough time.

    If I just see him riding around with it, speeding or not, it alerts me to someone who is trying to pull one over on me, to get away with something.
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    I bought one about 4 yrs ago because it was on clearance at radio shack for $10. I don't know if it works, because it has never even come out of the glove box. After a few years of driving the ambulance, driving fast has lost every bit of it's appeal. It still makes me feel like I'm at work, so I end up driving like an old lady 99% of the time.
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    From what I've heard, with the new lasers, your detector will just let you know your about to get a ticket.

    I remember when the lasers first came out, and everyone was marketing the laser detectors, my dad(PD) and some of his motor cycle buddies tried the new detectors out, they didn't work.

    I haven't kept up with the detector tech. but I find not speeding (much) to be more cost effective.

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    They don't work if a cop is actively running radar. They would help you if you just wanted to notice cops on the highway. Of course when I used to work patrol at night, I never had my radar unit on, so the drunks couldn't track me that way.

    When you think about it a speeding ticket is just a tax for all the times you got to drive faster than everyone else. Most of the time it is probably a fair price and a good deal for the citizen.

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    If you are going to use one place in front of the steering wheel on the windshield. So when it beeps to tell you are getting pulled over, you can lean forward and disconnect it and put under your seat before the LEO walks up to the car. So not to insult him and better chance of talking your way out of the ticket.

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