Doug Giles is a pastor who writes funny, sometimes caustic, but (IMO) often right on columns. This particular one, about the 10 Commandments for Classy Girls includes the following...

Commandment 5: Be helpful.

The Classy Girl sees a need, and if she can assist then she helps. The other day I was out in front of a Publix Supermarket and watched a burglary in progress. The guy ran out of the store, cash in hand, with the clerk and security guards chasing him. It looked fun, so I joined in the chase. The clerk and the guard ran out of juice, and I (along with a cop) got to tackle the dude and jam his face into the cement (one of those little perks God drops in your lap every now and then). Bottom line with those raised as a Classy Girl is: whether it’s with tackling a punk or packing a trunk, The Classy Girl is programmed to H-E-L-P, not hinder.
Doug, by the way, has lots of guns, and is very pro-2A.

Link included below in case anyone wants to read the rest of the commandments.

Doug Giles :: :: The 10 Commandments for Classy Girls