Is this firefighteer wearing a firearm???

Is this firefighteer wearing a firearm???

This is a discussion on Is this firefighteer wearing a firearm??? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Drivers injured in Edna ambulance, pickup accident - Texas Is that a grip protruding from his bunker gear?...

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Thread: Is this firefighteer wearing a firearm???

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    Is this firefighteer wearing a firearm???

    Drivers injured in Edna ambulance, pickup accident - Texas

    Is that a grip protruding from his bunker gear?
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    I dont think so. Looks like a part of his gear to me. And if it is a pistola, he needs some training.
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    Looks like a grip to me
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    Looks like a grip to me too.

    Dont some departments have firefighters and police officers that do both tasks? Even then the article does say officers, so maybe hes a cop out of uniform.

    His holster may be sitting low too.

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    That may be a gun, but that does not appear to be bunker gear. It appears to be coveralls that have been opened up and then the top half dropped off the shoulders and tied around the mid section. Notice the lack of suspenders.

    Notice that the article said that police officers helped with the cleanup. What do you see in the picture? You see one definite firefighter, two apparent road workers (hard hats), a bald guy) and the guy with the "gun." In other words, there are people in the image other than firefighters.

    Some of our local highway workers have coveralls like that, of similar color, and if it was being worn properly, you would see several reflective areas.

    Bottom line, the guy with the "gun" may not be a firefighter. I don't see anything in the image to indicate that he is.
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    So what if he has a gun?

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    From the sounds of it, it could be a volunteer FD. I am a volunteer FF and carry when I respond to calls. Depending on the situation, I may leave my weapon in my truck, but if time is of the essence, I won't bother disarming.
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    Looks like a Glock to me.

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    looks like the grip of a gun to me.
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    I blew the picture up to 400 percent.

    It is a Glock. It also appears that he is a cop, perhaps part of the Sheriffs Office. His hat has a star on the front with some writing in the back, his name perhaps.

    He is wearing a uniform shirt, the lapel is visible. Also, looking at the sweat pattern and the familiar hump along his back, I'd say he is wearing a vest also.
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    Looks like a gun. Prob a cop IMHO.
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    Looks like a grip to me. Could be the grip on one of those new concealed Pulaski tools though
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    looks like a grip..

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    I was a bit skeptical when I read the title, but as soon as I saw it I thought "Oh, he carries a Glock." Definitely coveralls too.

    Probably PD, but some locales do have inspectors with police powers that carry sidearms. And some guys are both reserve officers and volunteer firefighters.

    And yes, all involved need a safety refresher. I understand it's hot, but no gloves?!?
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