Went to the Uptown Art Fair.

Went to the Uptown Art Fair.

This is a discussion on Went to the Uptown Art Fair. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This has nothing to do with guns but is political and I had to vent a little. The Uptown Art Fair is a big event ...

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Thread: Went to the Uptown Art Fair.

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    Went to the Uptown Art Fair.

    This has nothing to do with guns but is political and I had to vent a little. The Uptown Art Fair is a big event and my wife and I go every year if for no other reason than to people watch. The Onion which is a satirical college newspaper had a booth. I like The Onion, it can be pretty funny at times. Anyway there were these two young ladies manning the booth and they were selling T-shirts with a picture of Che Guevara on it. I asked them what the picture had to do with The Onion. They said it had something to do with a promotion of theirs. I made the comment, loud enough for others to hear, they could pick a better symbol than a Stalinist thug who killed men, women, and children in his forced labor camps. One girl said something like, "that's one opinion" to which I replied "ask all his victims if it's their "OPINION"".

    What irks me is that these kids don't even know who Che was. They just see this one picture of him that makes him look a lot like Omar Sharif when he was young and handsome and they think it's cool. We have completely forgotten what a Communist is in this country it seems. And to think that these people get to vote.

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    They're inexperienced, 'ignorant about the world' kids...the problem is that a whole bunch of them will be voting this year...

    Stay armed...vote early and often...stay safe!
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    Like Ret said, they are inexperienced. Most young people will vote on emotion, they seem to think that they are voting for one person. They tend to forget that they will be bringing a group of people to the White House with them, The Cabinet (and various advisors, spiritual mainly) is where most of the power of the executive branch is. Young people (and some adults) haven't had the experience, or care to look at the whole picture.
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