Ever been a victim???

Ever been a victim???

This is a discussion on Ever been a victim??? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I started a thread like this back in early 2005 when I had first joined this forum and been active for only 2 or 3 ...

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Thread: Ever been a victim???

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    Unhappy Ever been a victim???

    I started a thread like this back in early 2005 when I had first joined this forum and been active for only 2 or 3 months. It turned out to be one of the longest running and most popular threads of the site and I hope that the Mods sticky this one (maybe next to new member introductions?) because it could offer some real insight and an ability to learn from others errors.

    Have you ever been a crime victim? If it's not too difficult on rehashing old pain, can you please give us a description, what happened and what was the outcome? Did the event directly lend itself to your decision to go armed in the future?

    You can change the names of the innocent (and the guilty) if you like.

    Feel free to post multiple instances if separate.

    Also what was the reaction given you by those closest to you after you were victimized versus your decision to go armed henceforth?
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    Never been a victim...as long as you don't count women and relationships. Hope to keep it that way.
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    I've come close to being a victim several times, but I haven't yet to date simply because I refuse to be one.
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    Ever been a victim???
    Yep....by friends or family. That's why I don't have "friends" any more. Friends are a weakness. If you have alot of friends, then you have alot of weaknesses. Remember that....I know how the human mind works--and quite frankly...it makes me sick to think of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Yep....by friends or family. That's why I don't have "friends" any more. Friends are a weakness. If you have alot of friends, then you have alot of weaknesses. Remember that....I know how the human mind works--and quite frankly...it makes me sick to think of it.

    I have been a victim several times by different people both inside and outside of my family. While I choose to carry a weapon that isn't what insures that I will not be one again, it is my resolve, and my actions, both before and during and after the incident.
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    Not me personally, but a friend. I've recounted it a few times on here.

    Run a google search for Taylor Behl. I was her boss.
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    I was almost a victim of a violent crime once. When I was about 12 years old, I was in an elevator with two unsavory types about my age. They were about to pounce on me when the doors opened and several people were standing there looking on. Would have been quite stupid on their part to continue. This was back in the 60s when things were a bit different.

    I have been a victim a few times of theft of my stuff when I was not there.
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    I've had both friends and relatives who have been true victims...but not me.
    I'm pretty private, don't go out much at night, and very aware of my surroundings.
    Life has no guarantees, but I always have a plan...

    Stay armed...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Stabbed through the wrist during a robbery attempt by multiples.

    The outcome was good actually (and all things considered) since I blocked what was intended for my heart.

    Not the ideal or very best way to block deadly sharp instruments though.

    I can hopefully do better now.

    "Also what was the reaction given you by those closest to you after you were victimized versus your decision to go armed henceforth?"

    I never bothered to ask and would not have cared anyway.

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    Prior discussion, from early 2006: click.

    Yes, I've been previously attacked.

    Ugliest that I'll speak of was a two-on-one attempted mugging in a dark parking lot. Drawing down on the leader and suggesting he re-think his options sent then fleeing. Two other situations that got bloody, prior to my taking proactive steps for my own security and safety ... I won't speak of those situations.

    Suffice to say that: no, I have not been a victim. Beyond a measure of luck, I believe it's because I refuse to be. I've been attacked a few times, even injured. But I won't be victimized, so long as I am still breathing.
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    I was burglarised by a guy that had been a friend and chose the methamphetamine lifestyle,he broke in and stole an AR15 And a 1911 45 acp plus my range bag with 6 30 round mags of 223 and several hundred rounds of various other 9mm and 45 acp,they could never prove he did it but I knew he did from sources that I knew.The very next day I bought a gun safe
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    fun night in cincy

    i was a victim to an asault back around 84ish.
    happened to be at this bar in hamilton ohio
    (north of cincy, have family members in cincy area)
    anyway i met up with this girl (you see it unfolding)
    and we talked for awhile. had a good evening until........
    turns out that ethier her boyfriend/husband and a couple
    of his buddies were also there. so after a while we were
    getting ready to leave. walking to my car i thought she
    was next to me, turns out she dropped behind me
    and hello, who do i meet in the parking lot next to my
    car. her wonderful friends and befriend/husband.
    (i never find out but i guess i dosen't really matter).
    i recall seeing two of them in front of me but lost
    track of the thrid person.next, lights out
    i came to about an hour or so later in the drivers
    seat parked in front of a store. no clue how i got there.
    went into the store and they called the police.
    bgs took wallet and about $180 in cash i had with.\
    spent 3 days in hospital with broken jaw,head looked
    like a mellon,right eye swollen shut. it was a fun time.
    i was about 20-21ish, young and dumb, now i'm older
    and maybe alittle dumber.haha.
    anyway i learned alot that night. 1) know where i'm at
    2) who i'm with 3)always-always keep my radar up.
    though it happened 24 some yrs. ago always on the
    back of my mind and yes it did have a strong bering
    on my better keeping myself prepared. that and all the
    everyday events going on everywhere.
    sorry so long but thats the gods honest truth.
    so stay safe everyone and always watch you 6.
    forgot to mention, oh boy was i set up and they
    never did find any suspects. in a sense glad i
    was able to live to tell that story.
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    the world coming too"



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    My Junior year in High School our house was robbed. I apparently walked in on them and they ran out the back door, cause they only took some stuff but had a lot of others lined up ready to go. All of my Grandfather's rifles (a WWII Mauser included) was lined up with a belt through the trigger guards to carry off.

    Probably the worst things missing was a basketball pendant my Dad got for going to State in Asheboro NC back in the dark ages and it was worthless on the street. Also his Fireman's badge from when he was with the Greensboro FD, in the 60's.

    All of the other stuff that was taken could be replaced, other than the emotional scars of being violated. That is when we decided to move out of Pleasant Grove and move to White Rock Lake area of Dallas (it was safer at that time).

    I have also been a victim of being jumped by a gang of thugs, which is one reason I fell victim to the lifestyle of the hood.

    But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? At least I know enough from those experiences to hopefully protect my family from them, or at least prepare them for when/if it happens to them.
    "Don't hit a man if you can possibly avoid it; but if you do hit him, put him to sleep." - Theodore Roosevelt


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    I was mugged in the UK when I was stationed there. I was so mad, the scumbag only had a knife and two other slimeballs with him. Anyway, when I left that morning I put my wallet in my coat pocket for some reason, folks listen to that inner voice. I told them I didn't have anything but my cheap Casio watch. They left pissed off and slapped me around a little, but they didn't get the 200 Quid (Pounds) in my wallet. If this would have happened in Arizona they would have probably been full of 45ACP HP's. It happened so fast with people around and nobody even noticed or cared. This senario showed me that a safety would have slowed me down if I had a gun and needed to use it quickly. I believe a chambered Glock could have been deployed and used at least on the main perp and one of the others. I promised my self when I got back to the states, I would always be more prepared and alert. It was a good wake-up call.

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    i've been the victim of crime in the past, numerous times, bfore i was even 21 years old.

    1. robbed at knifepoint when i was 15. they got my walkman and $20 from me.

    2. robbed at gunpoint at 17. the guy demanded my earrings and my watch. i went for my knife, and he pulled a gun. seems like i broke the gunfight rules.

    3. attempted robbery at knifepoint at 17. some crackhead tried to rob me at a bus stop at 2 am. he pulled a razor on me, and started to slash at me. i pulled a knife and returned the favor. police and EMS showed up; i got 3 stitches; he ended up in ICU, and got jail time.

    all these incidents, plus some others, led to me never leaving the house unarmed, EVER. i don't care where i'm going, what local policies, ordinances, laws, regulations or rules are of any businesses in the area. they can't be counted on to protect me, just like LEO can't be counted on to be there to prevent a crime.

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