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Kids say the darnest things.

This is a discussion on Kids say the darnest things. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My family and I were at a wedding. The groom and all the groomsmen were standing on the podium. In came the bride. As she ...

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Thread: Kids say the darnest things.

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    My family and I were at a wedding. The groom and all the groomsmen were standing on the podium. In came the bride. As she slowly walked down the aisle, my son, then 3 years old at the time shouts out for the entire church to hear, "Daddy. Is she going to pick one of those guys to marry?"
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    About 3 years ago when my oldest son was 2, I took him with me when I went and had lunch at Chipotle. He was in the high chair next to me when a group of young women (18-22 yrs old) walked by our table. Out of nowhere my son stuck his hand out and smacked one of them on her behind. She was caught by surprise and spun around quickly to see who had smacked her butt. Luckily my sons' hand was still out there swinging, trying to smack her some more. We both burst out laughing and I almost snorted a bean up my nose.

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    I was down in GA visiting my best friend, his wife, and his son who was about 2. We were enjoying a burger and fries, when the waitress came back and Aden reached out and grabbed her butt! We all just laughed about it, and she didn't charge us for his shake. After she walked away, the father says "That's my boy!"
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    Back in June, My wife, Son and I were at my sisters house for my niece's graduation party, My niece's Aunt, (brother in laws sister) was playing bad-mitten with our son who is four. He told her that "next time he needed to find someone better to play with, she wasn't very good"

    She got the biggest kick out of it, My wife and I are the youngest of our generation of both families, and our son is about 11 year younger than his cousins, so she had been through that stage with her kids before. Of course we were horrified, she just kept saying "well he is telling the truth"
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    At one of my old units we were having a BBQ, one of the guy's wife and kid were there and when his son asked if it was a party we said yes, without skipping a beat the 3 yr old says "Bring on the sexy ________" <---insert inappropriate word for female dogs here.

    We all about died laughing while the kid's mother was turning beet red, it was awesome.

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    The moral of all of this is watch what you say and do around children. And do not let them watch TV. When a 3 year old is concerned there are no secrets.

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