Not quite your average gun range

Not quite your average gun range

This is a discussion on Not quite your average gun range within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The Gun Range at Trail Glades (South Miami) is right by the Everglades. It is a hot & humid place plus today every mosquito in ...

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Thread: Not quite your average gun range

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    Not quite your average gun range

    The Gun Range at Trail Glades (South Miami) is right by the Everglades. It is a hot & humid place plus today every mosquito in the area decided to come feed their hunger on us.

    This is the section of the Range we shoot IDPA. As you can see is small, you have to walk some to get there and... we must keep an eye on the local fauna.

    Only in Miami!
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    We had those signs all over the place in Charleston. I used to play golf on base, and there was an alligator that liked to sun himself on the 13th green.
    It was weird seeing how many people take a two iron and a putter up to that green.
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    I wouldn't need a sign to tell me not to feed the 'gators!

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    I'd feed them so they don't get to hungry...
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    What, no OSHA sign telling us that alligator bites can be hazardous to one's health?
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    It's against the law to feed gators in FL. A buddy of mine got arrested for throwing his crab bait overboard from his crab boat b/c a gator was swimming along behind and eating the bait.

    Even made the local tv news, since the FWC had set up cameras and recorded the events.

    As far as the range: It's nice to have any range close by, even if it is small.
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