Lawyer for a college student??

Lawyer for a college student??

This is a discussion on Lawyer for a college student?? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; i have recently gotten my gfl and will be purchasing a SA XD 45c in early or mid September when i return to Savannah. i ...

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Thread: Lawyer for a college student??

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    Lawyer for a college student??

    i have recently gotten my gfl and will be purchasing a SA XD 45c in early or mid September when i return to Savannah. i plan on carrying it , after i receive some training, for self defense purposes. while i have been doing a lot of research on firearms, technique, carrying methods etc, i haven't done a whole lot in the area of lawyers and criminal defense in the case that i one day ( i pray that i never will) have to defend my self with deadly force. i did some searching on this forum and a few others and have decided to heed the advice that i found of being prepared for such an event by having the contact info of a good lawyer on hand at all times. my biggest fear with having to hire a lawyer ( besides the fact that i more than likely would have had to take a life) is that i would not be able to afford one. as i mentioned in the subject i am a college student and money is relatively scarce. while they are hard working people and are constantly striving to better our families finances, my parents aren't all that well off either. basically my question is what should some one in my financial situation who wishes to be armed and able to protect them self do as far as having a lawyer goes?? would going with a court appointed lawyer be like pleading guilty? if its not against forums rules id also like it if people could post the contact info of good self defense lawyers in both the Savannah and Atlanta areas. any and all info is greatly appreciated.
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    The most important thing you can do it keep your mouth shut - period - before talking to a lawyer. You could go with Prepaid Legal insurance. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
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    Agave gave some pretty good advice and probably the one thing you should do right from the start.

    Second, a good legal defense against manslaughter or murder is going to cost $50,000 + I would think from a reputable attorney.

    That is reality! Regardless, I'm sure your parents won't want to see you go to prison over a murder charge and will help you the best they can whether you want their help or not. They would probably even put up their house if needed.

    Now, what can you do to mitigate damages.

    Well for one thing... Make damn sure you have a clear cut righteous shoot! That always helps keep you out of trouble in the first place.

    Second... You need to know intimately the rules of deadly force. You need to know the law forwards and backwards in your sleep so you will be able to know you are making a correct decision at the moment of truth. You need to know and understand how the rules of lethal force works in whatever scenario you are facing. Someone armed with a knife... Someone breaking into your house... A road rage incident... Multiple unarmed thugs in a group... All those things, you need to understand where you stand on legal footing before you enter into a situation like that.

    Three... If you have to use a lesser/cheaper attorney or public defender, or even if you use an experienced and expensive one... you have to be knowledgeable enough to be able to actively participate in your defense and help your attorney help you. You should understand how an affirmative defense works and how the burden of proof shifts from the prosecutor proving you're guilty to you having the burden of proof in convincing the jury you were in the right when you shot them and you did it intentionally.

    Look, reality is this... There are literally thousands of people doing hard time in prison for manslaughter or murder that should have been a righteous case of self defense. They are good people who didn't know how to handle them self after the shooting or didn't know how to interact with the police or simply thought what they were doing was right, when they really weren't on solid ground. You never hear about those cases, but there are lots of good people languishing away in some state prison for no other reason than they had the wrong attorney.

    Are you getting nervous yet? You should be! This is the reality of things.

    One thing you can do to learn as much about the legal use of lethal force in order to defend yourself is to take Massad Ayoob's LFI-1 course. It is a 40 + hour course on predominantly the legal aspects as well as shooting under stress and what to expect.

    If you can not afford taking that course... (and it's in the $700 neighborhood not including ammunition, travel expense and food and hotel.) For close to $100 you can purchase 3 of his DVD's and videos that will teach you more about the judicious use of lethal force than you would receive going through law school. It is by no means as inclusive as taking the LFI-1 course, but the lectures on these videos come straight from the LFI-1 program.

    These tapes are called Judicious Use of Deadly Force - Physio-Psychological Aspects of Violent Encounters - and Cute Lawyer Tricks. I own all of these and several others of his. I can promise you that you will receive over 5 hours of the best instruction on the topic than you can anywhere else except attending his course in person. For $100 that's cheap compared to the pitfalls of going through a trial for manslaughter.

    You will have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding the use of lethal force, what happens to you physically and emotionally when you go through a shooting incident and more importantly, how to participate in your defense and help your attorney give you the best possible representation should you have to settle for a public defender or an attorney who has not handled a lot of shooting cases for truly innocent people.

    One other point! Learn to avoid a lethal confrontation at all cost.

    You can get the videos I mentioned here.

    Good luck... Stay Safe & Stay Armed.
    Semper Fi

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    wow! that was one of the most informative posts i have read to date. I have researched the laws for use of deadly force here in Georgia several times and have drawn my proverbial lines in the sand for when i would use it. they all specify being within 21 feet of my self or a loved one and possessing a deadly weapon ( i.e knife, gun, bat, etc) and showing the clear and undeniable intent to harm me or a loved one. I have also chosen to never draw my weapon to get involved in a conflict with outside party. thats what the police are for and i am not a LEO. of course above all i plan to ( as i have done my entire life) to avoid these situations at all cost. basically staying in yellow, if i see a suspicious character walking towards me on the sidewalk, il cross the street and keep and eye on them. if some one approaches my vehicle in a fit of road rage, il drop it in gear and run three red lights before i reach for my gun.
    anyway thanks for all the info and keep it coming
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    If it's a good clean shoot, you may not need a lawyer because charges will not be filed. Make sure you know the law in your state and follow it. If you are clearly within your rights, the DA will likely not charge you.

    There may also be protection from civil suits in your state, so check into it.

    Hopefully it never happens. I think having a lawyer in mind is a good idea however, so your question is very valid, I just wanted to point out these other issues.
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    Ditto, with emphasis, to everything Bark'n said about Ayoob's stuff. Take LFI-1 if you can, or get the DVDs and read In the Gravest Extreme otherwise.

    As for the financial issues, NRA sponsors a few types of insurance, including an Excess Personal Liability policy with an optional self-defense rider on it.

    What does this do? Covers you for a bunch of potential civil liability in the event of a self defense shooting, and the rider can cover up to $50k in criminal defense costs.
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    i just had something else cross my mind the other day. i have heard several instances in which someone has drawn to avert a certain/possible threat but did not fire any shots. i know that in that situation as soon as one gets to safety he/she should call 911 to notify the police and file a report. I was wondering in a situation like that would it be ok to talk to the police and not seek the advice of a lawyer since nothing happened??
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