Daddy's little girl

Daddy's little girl

This is a discussion on Daddy's little girl within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Two weeks ago we put our dear 19-year-old daughter on the plane to go to college (with a couple of firearms). Pretty rough on us, ...

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Thread: Daddy's little girl

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    Daddy's little girl

    Two weeks ago we put our dear 19-year-old daughter on the plane to go to college (with a couple of firearms). Pretty rough on us, as she's an 'only' and was homeschooled to boot. But she's landed on her feet, and is doing very well.

    Case in point: yesterday, she called me up and asked for the address of the nearby range I had mentioned: she then took two of her roommates and a fellow from her school out shooting and they all had a delightful time.

    Brings a tear of joy...

    I know, you're wondering why we let her associate with boys. It's OK: his dad is one of the pastors at our church here, and he's cool. Besides, you need someone to pay for sodas and clean the guns afterwards.

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    My kind of girl!
    Give yourself a pat on the back.
    She learned well, and there's only one place she could have learned.
    Well done!
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    well done sir
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    I'd be proud of her for taking such an active part in her self-defense and not running from the sheer sight of a gun, as I'm sure you are proud.

    I'm only a few years behind you on seeing the daughter out of the home. I'll be happy if I'm at least half as successful as you are in passing on my beliefs of being armed.

    Well done for you and the wife!

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    Great job in raising her. I hope my homeschoolers come out as well as your's did.
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    Well done, sir!
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