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    Calvin and hobbes

    Calvin and Hobbes
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    I loved Calvin and Hobbes. That and Bloom County were my favorite comics. It's a shame both the artists retired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morintp View Post
    I loved Calvin and Hobbes. That and Bloom County were my favorite comics. It's a shame both the artists retired.
    Berkly Breathed, who drew Bloom County is not 100% retired. He now does a strip entitled "Opus", with the same characters from Bloom County, and it is carried in our local newspaper, the Crappy, the Commercial Appeal, in Memphis.

    He is a flaming Lib now. He was always a pretty heavy left leaner but he makes no bones about it now. I don't particularly like the strip because of the heavy liberal slant. I did enjoy Bloom County when it was being done but, that may be the result of the fact that I was a teenager and as a result of that, fairly stupid and lacking in real world experience as teens usually are.

    Personally, I loved Calvin and Hobbes. And now, one of my favorite strips is "Get Fuzzy". It is drawn by a fellow that has a bit of a left bend but, he is pretty fair about poking fun and both libs and conservatives.
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    I always like Farside by Gary Larson. That poor man had a warped way of looking at the world. Wish he would come out of retirement.

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