Best place to buy music online?

Best place to buy music online?

This is a discussion on Best place to buy music online? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I need to expand my music collection, and wanted to try buying online one song at a time instead of buying whole CDs. I understand ...

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Thread: Best place to buy music online?

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    Best place to buy music online?

    I need to expand my music collection, and wanted to try buying online one song at a time instead of buying whole CDs. I understand that if I buy from itunes, it can only be played on my ipod and can't be exported to other computers I on or burned on a cd? If that's true, then it's not for me.

    I'd prefer:

    1. no monthly/annual fees. I'll pay by the song only.

    2. I don't want to be limited to their "player." I just want to pay for an high-quality mp3 and be able to do with it what I choose.

    3. I'd rather not have to download and install any of their software to make the purchase, either. I give money, they give song, we never see or hear from each other again unless I want more music. Is that so hard?
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    iTunes will allow you to play purchased songs on up to 5 computers. You can also burn unlimited CD's of your purchase. All you have to do is change something in the particular playlist your burning. Yes, you are limited to the iPod or iPhone for portable playback or you can take that burned CD and do what you want with it.

    What's good about the iTunes store is that it's very user friendly and works seamlessly with the iPod.
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    Hi Cupcake-

    Try WalMart (among others): Wal-Mart Music Downloads

    You can buy individual downloads for 94¢
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    Never understood or cared about my sixth decade...why would I want one of those 'contraptions'? (my wife has one...never used it)

    Time passes...I just bought my wife an new iMac and it came with a free iPod. She has one so I start to play with this new little toy...I'm used to 8-tracks...I was impressed...and I take it with me on occasion.

    To the OP...I have found that iTunes is pretty easy to use.
    Try Podcasts...
    Also, borrow CD's and transfer them to your iTunes program (for free)...I guess old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

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    Napster has a "napster lite" membership with no monthly fees and downloads are 99 cents. I like it allot.
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    I use Amazon. They have a player that you don't need to use. Download and play away burn whatever. I link through my local chapter so they get a kickback on my purchases. Prices are 89-99 cents so far.
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