First Responders, Does I.C.E. work

First Responders, Does I.C.E. work

This is a discussion on First Responders, Does I.C.E. work within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Not wanting to hijack another's thread. For those unfamiliar, I n C ase of E mergancy, you would enter in your cell phone your first ...

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Thread: First Responders, Does I.C.E. work

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    First Responders, Does I.C.E. work

    Not wanting to hijack another's thread.

    For those unfamiliar, In Case of Emergancy, you would enter in your cell phone your first person to be contacted with ICE as the first part of their contact name, Ie: "ice mike" this will give a responder a clear person to contact that will be most likely to know your medical history and or any other important info to help them treat you as well as let someone know that you are injured.

    My question,

    How many first responders on here do or have used ICE, or is it just more internet lore and pretty much useless?
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    Not real sure, I can tell you by reading the title of your thread I thought you mean Immigration and Customs Enforcement and not In Case of Emergency.

    If I stumbled upon someone in a situation where I needed to render aid I would simply look at their call log and pick someone instead of looking in their address book.
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    I heard of it before I left the business almost 5 years ago. We never checked for it then, but maybe it's more popular now. Really, as a first responder, it was fairly darn rare that I needed to contact anyone. If I had time to play with a phone, time wasn't that critical and we'd just call someone at random who could usually point us to someone important. Now once at the hospital It'd be more important as there are more decisions to be made. But for what a first responder needs? I'd say a bracelet with medical conditions and important allergies listed would be more helpful, perhaps pointing to a wallet card with more details and medications. But we didn't see that too often, so we cope without just fine.

    For the record, we DON'T need to know that you get the sniffles when you cut the grass. We need allergies to medications and life threatening stuff like peanuts, bees, shellfish, etc.
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    Slighty off thread but anything I have to fill out any form that asks "Emergency Contact" always 911 or fire department. Wife gets mad at me all the time. So what it new

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    Don't know of any statistics, but my wife and I bothe have "ICE" numbers in our cell phones.
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    A card in your wallet next to your ID is the best bet; An ID is the first thing we look for. It also allows you to explain what ICE is because most will have no clue what it means.

    If I do have to look through a cell phone, I will call the most dialed/recieved number. Thats almost always a spouse or close friend.
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