Deer Hunting: Hot Spot vs. Scouting

This is a discussion on Deer Hunting: Hot Spot vs. Scouting within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm curious what you guys think is better. I have two good options this upcoming deer season. Option A : Use a family member's RV ...

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Thread: Deer Hunting: Hot Spot vs. Scouting

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    Deer Hunting: Hot Spot vs. Scouting

    I'm curious what you guys think is better.

    I have two good options this upcoming deer season.

    Option A: Use a family member's RV (yes, they are kind to loan it to me) and hunt "locally" here in Texas on public land. I'll be able to scout these areas more frequently since they are less than two hours from my home. The biggest downside is that it is public land, which means the deer are not easily fooled, no baiting allowed & I will have to use only temporary blinds.

    Option B: A cousin has offered to let me hunt for free on his very small tract (20 acres) of private land in a neighboring state. This land is a six-hour drive from my house. I won't be able to scout as frequently, however I can set out a feeder, "allegedly" the deer are plentiful and I can set up as many blinds/stands as I would like, without having to take them down.

    Which one would you choose?

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    Depends on if you are a meat hunter or a sport hunter out for the challenge. If you want more of a challenge and can live with yourself if you come home empty-handed, then go with the public land. If you want more of a sure thing than I'd say the drive is well worth it.

    This ignores the other perils (from fellow hunters) of public land. I'd probably take the drive.
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    I'm lazy. I'd go for the 2 hour or less drive. RV? Seriously? Is that what you Texas folks call hunting?
    Sounds like Southern Coastal NC hunting to me....{as me waits for thwack from the NC members}...

    I guess I shouldn't really be saying anything since I can technically hunt from my kitchen window.
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    Back in my MI hunting days, the wife and I lived way back in the woods. The deer were always around...some were taken while I was still in my jockeys and a coffee close by. Can't beat that for convenience...Shhhhhhhhhhhh.

    In fact, some of my wife's best stews came 'completely' out of the garden.
    (Many, many years ago.)

    Also used to go to MI's U.P. and camp for 10-15 days (in tents) in 0-10 degree weather and deep snow...always got one, or two.

    Those days are long gone.
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    As enticing the local option is, you'll encounter much more pressure than you would on private land (typically). I drew both elk and deer tags this season and am opting for private land on both. I'm lucky to have some customers with whom I've developed a good relationship and am invited to help them solve a crop damage problem. The deer are tearing the living crap out of a farmer's bean and corn fields and the elk at 8,000 feet are destroying a hay field.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of setting up feeders. If that's your game, go for it. I used a product called "C'mere Deer" with a lot of success in Florida. If it's legal where you're going, use it and then get ready for your shot!
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    I don't see any sport in shooting a deer in a food plot or underneath a feeder, but chose Option B as you will probably have a more successful season. Best of luck to you! I, myself, can't wait for my elk hunt in Colorado!

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    i can shoot them right from my back porch if i feel lazy on that day , or i can go into the woods and sit it out does not matter to me as the venison tasts the sam to me either way

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    After I moved to Texas and discovered what they call"hunting" deer I almost laughed.When you put corn in a feeder and set it to go off at the same time everyday,then you sit in a tower blind and wait for deer to walk in until you pick the one you want and then shoot it,yup that theres hunting,you might as well walk into the store and buy a steak.
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    I like to hunt private land when I can, but I would scout both first then decide
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    Option B. My experiences with deer hunting on public land has been less than 'OK'.

    That's just me. Your cousin can scout for ya....he already knows the 'hot-spots' there anyway, and given free run of the property? 'B' is the way to go.

    All that said, it's you hunting so you have the best clue as to what's best for you.
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    Plan B.........always take the way where some nut thinks you're a deer a shoots at a moving bush.
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    I'm thinking that Option B may be the best way to go. No crowds, I can hunt it hard with bait & probably land a deer or two this season.

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    Both, because sometimes you don't have time for a six hour drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obxned View Post
    Both, because sometimes you don't have time for a six hour drive.
    +1 Why not both. The scouting nearby will help you find better spots on the public land. Also by hunting you family land you'll know what to expect next year. I always try to cultivate as many spots to hunt as possible.

    Will you be shooting a fancy new Browning X bolt in .308?
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    I would hunt out of state 1st get some meat in the freezer. 20 acres will get real old real fast, you'll be hearing all kinds of deer noise just off your hunting property, it'll drive you nuts! I prefer big woods to track or follow blood trail.

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