What Bug Bugs You?

What Bug Bugs You?

This is a discussion on What Bug Bugs You? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Bug, as in creepy, crawly insect. In late summer in western Montana, we see a proliferation of the Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis. They're ...

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Thread: What Bug Bugs You?

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    What Bug Bugs You?

    Bug, as in creepy, crawly insect.

    In late summer in western Montana, we see a proliferation of the Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis. They're harmless to humans, but they're ugly and nasty and a royal PITA.

    Our cool nighttime temps causes them to seek warmth, which, of course, is inside the house. It's impossible to keep them out. They can enter thru the tiniest openings.

    We call them stink bugs, from the strong pine odor they give off when you stomp on them.

    I hate these critters!

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    Maple bugs! Thats what we called them. We had a lot of those where I grew up in Southern Oregon. Yes they do stink when you squish them too.
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    I love them all. I own a pest control company and if it was not for especially the Brown Recluse spider & Termites I'd grow broke. As long as they bug people I can make some thing on them while taking care of my customers.
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    June Bugs.

    Nothing drives me nuts more than when I'm trying to sit on the patio and read a book and some stupid bug keeps trying to fly full tilt into the lights or windows.

    And then they back up and give it another try.
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    Up until this spring it was the Box Elder Beetle. Harmless, yes. But a royal PITA anyway. They got everywhere and they could not be gotten rid of.

    Thankfully, every cloud has a silver lining. In December we had the mother of all ice storms. That storm severely damaged the box elder tree that was in my neighbor's yard (it also caved in the tops of our two cars, but that is a different story).

    The tree was so badly damaged that it could not survive, so out it came this spring.

    No more of those infernal box elder beetles :)
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    Upstate New York.

    Black flies up until the first hot weather kills them off then deer flies the rest of the summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridurall View Post
    I love them all. I own a pest control company and if it was not for especially the Brown Recluse spider & Termites I'd grow broke. As long as they bug people I can make some thing on them while taking care of my customers.
    Brown Recluse spider & Black Widow spider.
    Not too many Brown Recluse spiders around here, there are way more BW Spiders.

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    The King of Annoyance.

    The worst part of creation that ever existed. Put on Earth here so that we dont forget that there is a Hell.

    If they ever got to be the size of a Tick, mankind would have been erased from the South eons ago because of their blood sucking nature.


    They get on you, they burrow under your skin, they lay eggs and just when you think you are over them, the eggs hatch and you start the process all over.

    Not just one, but thousands at a time. They leave itty bit red spots that itch enough that sane people have been known to go beserk. You will scratch your self raw, and it takes weeks for the evidence to go away.

    They are small enough that most of the time you can't even see them.

    I will willingly trade CHIGGERS for any nuisance know to man.

    For you people that have never heard of them, count yourselves blessed.
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    Stink bugs are annoying; they like to dive bomb my wife when she's sitting at the computer. On the other hand, both dogs LOVE eating them. MY personal dislikes are any parasitic or biting insect - ticks, mosquitoes, horseflies. Every year, though, we get invaded with ladybugs... and I mean INVADED.

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    One of the few benefits of living in the Sonoran desert is the low humdity. Thus, we have virtually no annoying bugs.

    We have a small number of mosquitos but the worst are crickets. If they get inside the house, you rarely find them, and they chirp all night long. When you get close to where one might be, it stops chirping.

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    All of them. More often the ones that fly around my head during bow season
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    Twice a year in FL we have the 'love bug' seasons (May'ish) (September'ish)...these bug fly 'united'...and driving anywhere causes the front of one's car to collect hundreds of them in just a couple of miles. If you don't clean them off (not easy) quickly, they pit your paint job...a real P.I.T.A.

    These bugs have a very short life and come out only to mate...thus killed in flight, and covering every inch of your windshield, grill and bumper.

    At the Pearly Gates for Bugs...
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    Yup, skeeters. When I hear the faint buzz just before bedtime, I realize I have two choices:
    1) Go into attack mode until I can locate and eliminate, no matter how long it takes, or
    2) Give up, go on to bed, and lie to myself by pretending I won't get bitten during sleep.

    Second place goes to chiggers, only because I rarely encounter them any more and have forgotten how bad they were.

    Honorable mention goes to the brown recluse spider, only because we manage to keep most of them out of the house... wait, I'm starting to recall some really bad memories...

    Scratch this entire post: the spiders are the worst.

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    Graphic Photos!

    I hate the Brown Recluse, because they are, well... Reclusive!

    Often you only see them because of a close call! They can do some devastating damage as you can see in the following photos! The bite is relatively painless so sometimes you can get bit and won't notice until it starts to ulcerate in a couple of days.

    Brown Recluse

    Day 3 treatment

    Day 4 treatment

    Day 5 treatment

    Day 6 treatment

    Day 9 treatment

    Day 10 treatment

    My wife got bit by one on the stomach when we moved into the new house. We are guessing it may have been in some clothes she handled during the move. Now she has a second belly button.
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