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How many still use a pager?

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Thread: How many still use a pager?

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    Is it still possible for a private to buy a pager?
    No, you have to be at least a Sergeant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    A pager? That's sooo 80's . . .
    I use a cell phone only, no land line. My internet connection is through a alltel USB card and is no more expensive than using a normal ISP. I'm completely mobile!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Crunch View Post
    No, you have to be at least a Sergeant.
    Hehe..thanks for the laugh..

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    I think I still have a Pager Pal Holster in my gun safe, does that count??
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    I have a pager, but no paging service.

    It has been rigged to buzz about 3 minutes after you press the button. That little bugger has saved me from countless boring meetings.......

    Actually, cell service here stinks. text messaging is okay if you are in an area with cell service. There's a reason I have a 2meter in all of the vehicles !

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    I have one for work. When it goes off at 2pm or 3am, my reaction is the same. It normally gets thrown, I hate that thing.
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    Up until recently our weekend duty crews still carried them. I liked them because they got better reception out in the desert then my phone does, so I could still go shooting and be within the reasonable distance to report in.
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    I have a pager and there are lots and lots still in use here.

    My pager is issued to me by the Sheriff Dept. Everybody has one. Its how they alert everyone for man hunts, road trips, whatever.

    The Nuclear Plant that I work for also issues them. If the SHTF, an alert goes out to all affected workers, which I am one of.

    Rather than carrying two pagers, they have the number of the one that I carry.
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    I also have a pager issued by the nuke plant I work for, hate the damn thing, but it still gets messages when inside a room that is 20' underground and has 4' thick concrete walls. Can't say that for a cell phone.
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    Yes. I have one for SWAT and Narc call outs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    They are still out there, but hard to find. I finally switched to a phone when I had trouble finding a pager service.

    My wife still uses one, work gives her one when she is on call for the O.R. I hate the thing, it goes off without fail at 4am.
    There are many areas, especially in the hospital itself, where there is no cell service but there is pager service. Many pager transmissions come from satellites. Cell service is, by definition, from a close by cell tower.
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    pager ???

    a pager, thats funny. i found an old one of mine
    going though somethings and the wife found
    her's buried in one of our computer desk drawers.
    we both got a good laugh thinking about them.
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