The wife gets a 10 on this one.

The wife gets a 10 on this one.

This is a discussion on The wife gets a 10 on this one. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My dear wife and I were chatting the other evening while on the way out to dinner. The topic dealt with how guys and girls ...

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Thread: The wife gets a 10 on this one.

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    The wife gets a 10 on this one.

    My dear wife and I were chatting the other evening while on the way out to dinner. The topic dealt with how guys and girls differ in their understanding of relationships and how a thoughtless fellow just being a pal can be oblivious to the expectations he might be inadvertently creating in a young lady.

    She asked, "Are guys really such Neanderthals?"

    Since her real question was "Viewed using female rules and standards, are guys really such Neanderthals?", I responded, "Yes, they are - live with it."

    Almost immediately she replied, "Actually, I do."

    So I hit her with my club.

    No, not really... in fact I would have held up an Olympic scorecard with the "10" on it if I had one - ya gotta recognize excellence wherever you see it. Sigh...

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    LOL. Good topic, I also find it interesting how a girl can think that a guy is doing something when he isn't trying to "do" anything. I think the opposite thing happens to me. I try to be polite, courteous, kind, respectful, and funny (well, just try and make them smile), to all the women I meet and know. Some guys think I am hitting on them (no, not hitting on the guys), but no, I'm just opening the door. While I am a sensitive guy, I have problems understanding women MOST of the time when it comes to stuff like this. I like talking to them trying to figure it out and explaining how "neanderthalian" we are. I'd like a woman to create expectations in me. . . just like I can do the same to her.

    Ya know, probably something I said has some underlying meaning to women about what a pig I am. Great. I didn't mean it, I swear!
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    Nicely done, I'd hold up a 10 card too. I have been slowly rubbing off on my wife (get your mind back here!) and after 13 years of marriage she is finally learning how to be sarcastic and throw out pretty decent one liners too.

    Its almost like I am an artist and she is my, um, stone and I am chipping away the seriousness and revealing a beautiful work of a "Mrs. Smarty Pants".
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