Internet cameras (home security?)

Internet cameras (home security?)

This is a discussion on Internet cameras (home security?) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I do NOT have alot of money to spend. But I would like to have a few cameras (preferrably wireless) setup around the house. Possibly ...

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Thread: Internet cameras (home security?)

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    Internet cameras (home security?)

    I do NOT have alot of money to spend. But I would like to have a few cameras (preferrably wireless) setup around the house. Possibly 1 outside and two inside.
    Or all inside dosnt matter.

    I was looking at some of the Internet Cameras that connect to your router and allow you to access the video online from a remote location. Maby even 1 or two of the ones you can remotely move and zoom in?

    You know, out of town etc.. would love to be able to look over the house to make sure all is well.

    I know we have alot of security smart folks on here so I wanted to ask and see if Yall could post me some links, models etc.. to look at or something to stay away from.


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    you can get them at almost any technology store relatively cheaply. I went and bought 2 of them at a local outlet here in san antonio called Altex Electronics. They are on the web I think.

    I think I spent around 250 bucks for my setup

    Good Luck
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    Altex has some good stuff, reasonable prices.
    I bought a lot of security camera equipment through them.

    I too am looking to add cameras at my house, digital recoding, email notification to my pda when movement detected, etc

    If I can find the software my last employer tested I'll post it, but I'm sure there are several to find online. Sorry I don't have more definitive info but I've been out of the loop for awhile.
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    Criminals love people who put up those Internet Security way for them to find out if anything in your house is worth stealing.

    Good luck, but I wouldn't go cheap on this. It needs to be installed by a professional and made completely secure.
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    What goes out over the web is not secure unless you have a better encryption system than banks, credit card companies, department stores and even the US Gov't.

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    We have a camera at each door in my house.... reduces the premium on homeowners insurance. They record to a dvr and the video is stored for 6 months. No remote access to un-secure for my liking. I am considering one more cam for my driveway in a position where it can read license plate on cars coming in and out.

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    A few of those cameras are in my plan, though I haven't set them up yet.

    I run my own local router/fileserver/webserver, so hooking up some relatively cheap IP cameras (maybe even a couple with IR illuminators) from around the house isn't a big deal. Software on the router can make them motion-sensitive during certain hours of the day or record based on events such as one of the doors opening, it can store footage locally or upload compressed footage to my remote webserver for off-site storage, or integrate with my home alarm system to sense window breaks, etc.

    I'm sure it'll be a challenge to set it up and get it all working together reliably, but that's part of the fun!
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