Not the smartest deer in the herd

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Thread: Not the smartest deer in the herd

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    Not the smartest deer in the herd

    CCW9mm and I were at the gun club playing with his 8mm Mauser on the 300 yard range, when all of a sudden, this deer nonchalantly walks onto the field. This isn't the best picture (cell phone)

    but some shots are just easier than others.
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    How does it taste??
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    One of the funniest things I'd ever seen was at the gun range at Fort Stewart, Georgia during a qualification session. Looked just like your pic except we had a bunch of sailors on the line with M60's and M16's. We were told NOT to kill the deer so the RSO's had us try to chase him off.

    A bunch of 'squids' chasing a deer that didn't want to leave good grass was extreemly entertaining!

    BTW, like archer51's question, how does it taste?
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    Would your wife believe that you picked up the 'steaks' at the range?
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    We've had that happen at our trap range too! We actually had to cease-fire for a while until it left. (It wasn't hunting season).
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    Maybe after watching you shoot he decided you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and felt safe LOL.BTW we were gonna night fire the M60 machinegun at camp bullis Tx and was waiting for the sun to go down just as it was getting dusk a herd of deer walked out on the range about 300 metres out and you could hear guys mumbling stuff like i'm gonna cap that big buck right there ,All of a sudden the range officer said in a stern voice anybody shoots close to any of my deer and I will have you courtmartialled
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    At Ft. Dix, during basic, a rabbit ran out on the range. Before any of the DIs could call cease fire there wasn't enough left to eat.

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    I dont think it's that uncommon. Most firing ranges are out in the boondocks and most of them have nice cut green grass.

    We have had deer, turkeys,coyotes(fair game)and even a bear walk across ours when people were shooting.

    The only problem is they were never in season.

    The deer are the most common visitors but we see lot of turkeys too. I once had 8 of them walk out single file right in front of the targets at the 100 yard line. Two of them had 12" inch beards. I watched them through my scope for awhile until they left.
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    On the golf course there were three in the middle of the fairway and we started yelling but they would not budge. I went ahead and hit my tee shot right through the legs of one of them. He looked around at me like "OK buster, do that one more time and you are mine". Finally they walked on off before we got to them.

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    There were a couple of guys wringing out their 7mm magnum, a dozen stalls to our left. They'd all but wrapped up for the evening, when the doe trotted out.

    I got their attention and pointed down-range. In the scope, an amazing close-up view showed the deer not quite appreciating what was making the noise up the hill (us, in the darkening, sheltered bays). All the while, EMP and I kept firing our last few rounds. The doe just stood there, through it all.

    Well, it's not like we were shooting anywhere near it. (Actually, we weren't shooting much near our target, either, but that's another issue.)

    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Maybe after watching you shoot he decided you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn ...
    You said it, not me. Ha!

    Deer season doesn't start for another month or so, which explains the nonchalant behavior of this one. At least, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    The really cool thing? No "broken" guns, this time. Yaaaaay!
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    I tested out my new SPAS12 weekend before last at my in laws. They don't allow hunting on their land. My mother in law has a touch with animials wild and domestic.
    I rode out on their 4 wheeler and stopped at a large burn pile they use to shoot at. There were 6 deer out there. Buck, Doe, several fawns.
    I shot 8 rounds before they walked..WALKED off.
    Our last IDPA shoot we had a rabbit stroll out during a stage. He didn't leave until we went down to paste the targets
    I wonder sometimes if some critters are stupid..or they can read the calendar
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    I have seen deer walking on archery trails at our club. We shoot arrows down a lane that is only 3' wide, heavily brushed all around, about the time we are ready to release the arrow at a target, a deer pops into view right in the shooting lane. Luckily, our club members are sportsmen and would never intentionally shoot a deer out of season. So far, no deer have been hit by arrows on our 3d range.
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    WE had a couple of deer run onto a night fire range at dusk at Ft. Leonard Wood in 84. The range officers made the announcement in time. No deer were injured in the training of new recruits that evening.
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    Animals dont understand gun fire.

    The ones that get hit with it dont live long enough to pass the knowledge on.
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    MILITARY BASE FORT STEWART Hinesvill Ga. DEER all over & civillians can hunt there. Shoot at a lot of does they just look around they are use to Tank fire Small arms ect. Great place to harvest nice DEER

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