A Young 'Conservative' in the Making?

A Young 'Conservative' in the Making?

This is a discussion on A Young 'Conservative' in the Making? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I thought I would share the thinking of a 'young conservative' in the making... My sister-in-law wanted to introduce my young nephew (he's four) to ...

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Thread: A Young 'Conservative' in the Making?

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    A Young 'Conservative' in the Making?

    I thought I would share the thinking of a 'young conservative' in the making...

    My sister-in-law wanted to introduce my young nephew (he's four) to some project that would involve helping others. They live in MI...my sister-in-law found a community garden that grows produce for soup kitchens, etc.

    They are always asking for volunteers to help pick the produce. My sister-in-law thought this would be a great lesson in helping others for my nephew to grasp.

    He kept asking about when they were going to go to pick "vegables"...so, last weekend they made the trip. All the while my sister kept reinforcing what they were doing to help the 'poor people'.

    After an hour or so of kneeling and picking, my nephew asked my sister-in-law ..."Grandma, how come the 'poor people don't come and pick the "vegables"?

    Well, what do you know...he's already a young conservative.

    If a four-year old gets it, why can't the liberals (the Robin Hoods of our society)?

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    I certainly apologize to the mods for submitting this "Off Topic" note previously, using political affiliations. It was not my intention to cause a problem or defy the forum rules...it was my error.
    It is my understanding that "Off Topic or Humorous" means just that...
    If I have misinterpreted the purpose of this category then I am missing the point of this area of discussion...unrelated to firearm stories, humorous situations, and jokes...right?

    Respectfully submitted...

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    Good luck this time!

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    Haha, that is so cute!

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    Sadly true. Children see things without the cloud of judgment hanging over them.
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    You could always tell him that some of the poor people are busy working 2 or 3 jobs at minimum wage so that we can all get our goods and services cheap enough to enjoy our lifestyle and feel good about ourselves when we drop change into the Salvation Army bucket.
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    This one passes my "smell test"....
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    Sounds like the way my parents described the difference between Democrats and Republicans when I was 5 years old, and I'll never forget it. Regan was running for office in '80 and I asked mom what the difference was in the two guys wearing suits. She said and I quote, "Republicans believe in protecting us from the Communists and Democrats just want to talk to them."

    Five years is old enough to understand a bully and the only way to beat them is to beat them up. Same goes for Communists and terrorists.


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    That's great! Too bad he can't vote!

    I also wonder why more people don't get it. I remember my Dad working 2 jobs many times. I don't see much of that attitude any more. I see people who demand entitlements and are too lazy to work, even when jobs are available.

    Good on your nephew!

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