Why did I get flipped off?

Why did I get flipped off?

This is a discussion on Why did I get flipped off? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am driving down the street in my neighborhood. I come to an intersection that is kind of an accident magnet. (Rather than describe the ...

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Thread: Why did I get flipped off?

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    Why did I get flipped off?

    I am driving down the street in my neighborhood. I come to an intersection that is kind of an accident magnet. (Rather than describe the scenario, I drew a picture.)

    So this 1 ton pickup truck is headed straight towards me, instead of turning into her lane as she makes the turn. I have a little Honda CRV. In the eminent head on collision, I would have been the clear loser. I wanted to get her attention so she could move into her lane in time not to hit me. Because of the parked car to the right of me, there was no place for me to go.

    So, just based on past experience, I honk my horn an don't stop until she hears it and reacts. Which she did ultimately about 1 second BEFORE she hits me. Then SHE gives me a dirty look and flips me the bird.

    I don't understand. I was in MY lane. I was coming to a stop because there is a stop sign there. I have no place to maneuver. She is speeding. She is in the wrong lane. She is not paying attention. I try to alert her to prevent a head on collision (where I am sure I would have not come out well) and she is mad at me?

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    She was probably mad because you were driving on her road. Unfortunately, she is not the only one that drives that way. Too many idiots out there think the road belongs to them and everyone else is trespassing.
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    sometimes hard to tell the difference between a friendly "don't hit me" or "hey, the light has changed" honk and an angry honk.
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    Probably because no one likes to be caught doing something stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raevan View Post
    Probably because no one likes to be caught doing something stupid.
    Angry at being made to look a fool. Fools generally don't need any help from others to do so but, sadly though, they all too often take others with them. Like in this case, nearly.
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    Probably mad cause you don't know military time.
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    It's obvious, you should have pushed the transmogrifier button and transported yourself into a different place and time, then you would not have been smack dab in her way. It's all her tax money that builds the roads...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Probably mad cause you don't know military time.
    Dang, beat me to it. I was thinking something like you haven't' fixed her computer yet, I wonder how well she can cook with that nasty finger of hers?
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    It was a woman driver, right?
    I better not say any more...
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    Maybe she was just showing off her manicure...
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    Quote Originally Posted by raevan View Post
    Probably because no one likes to be caught doing something stupid.
    That's a good response and the old finger treatment seems to be a basic instinct for some. I've actually gotten flipped off by a lot of women drivers (those that aren't putting on make-up, eating, or using the cell phone while driving and have a free hand to do so). See, a person has to have a free hand in order to do the bird signal. To me, there's nothing in this world uglier than a woman flipping you off even if she is rather hot looking. Coming in a close 2nd to the woman giving the finger......a woman feeding her face while driving is pretty disgusting too. (How many have ever witnessed that scene?). I have more thoughts on women who drive large pickups or SUV's as well, and they seem to get a case of near-sightedness and a certain inability to judge distances as well as gauging the actual size and girth of the boat they are steering. These days, seems like honking one's horn in public for whatever reason has become the ultimate invasion to personal privacy and before too long, I figure it will fall under the road rage description and horn honking will be termed an aggressive action.

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    Anybody can see clearly that you were at fault. You did not realize that she was in a rush. You could not have stopped before and let her go. Shame on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    ...., I figure it will fall under the road rage description and horn honking will be termed an aggressive action.
    Thats exactly right. At my apt complex this happens all the time less the horn blowing. I make a conscious effort in my similarly small car and more often than not when even at what should be a slow speed I nearly get rammed and then a scowled face. Then out on the roads the traffic laws don't count. Lane changes, turn in to your own lane etc... The "it's my road" mentality to the nth degree. No offense to those LE that this doesn't apply to, but I see too many of the LEO's in my area doing the same and then even added distractions of no hands free cell, PC, etc...
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