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I promise this will turn your stomach

This is a discussion on I promise this will turn your stomach within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by TRICKORMATE Did you have to get hosed down after you came out of his place? he became shut off from family and ...

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Thread: I promise this will turn your stomach

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRICKORMATE View Post
    Did you have to get hosed down after you came out of his place?
    he became shut off from family and didnt leave his apt. for about 5 years. died in his living room. it was bad!
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    The 2 cleanest things I saw were the computer keyboard (home row) and the litter box. I've seen peoples homes like this or maybe even a little worse. Its absolutely amazing how anyone could ever live in that filth. There is a house down the street from me right now that we all suspect something like this is inside. It wont be long and the neighbors will be calling the health department.
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    No words........

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    I've seen worse...including chicken and goats living inside......but this is pretty raunchy.

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    I don't need to tell you the obvious tenant screening,small claims court for clean up costs and damages.Doubt who ever did this has any money to cover this but I'd make sure this individual has a negative reference for future rents.Save a fellow landlord the heart arch you are going through.Disrespectful
    young people.Boy this pisses me off big time.I work at a college,at the end of the year we come across a couple hundred rooms like this.

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    If I didn't see the pictures, I'd call you a liar.
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    I think I remember seeing that before........
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    Did those pictures come with a smell link attached somehow.....because I'm sure I can smell that place now...............YUCK UGH GAG HURL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stetson View Post
    young people.
    Please don't do that. You know there are a lot of young people that trash places, have no respect, don't pay their rent on time, and just generally dont give a crap. There are also a lot of older people that have the exact same problems. It is hard for me and my wife to find a place to live because of our age. We are very young, but consider this: we have a 20 month old daughter, both have 700+ credit scores, perfect rental history, have NEVER made a late rent payment or had an ISF rent check, etc. I am borderline OCD with my cleanliness. It REALLY eats me when landlords profile like this. I was told at one place by the landlord that he "didn't rent to young people". Then, when you go to make an age discrimination claim they tell you that you have to 40+ to make one....hmm...isn't that age discrimination? I could go on and on, but please don't profile like that, it really makes it difficult for us young families to live!

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    I remember when I was a kid did had a house he rented out, I remember this one Gal that had several of those small obnoxious type of dogs. One day the water pump had stopped working so he went over to check out the bump and tank in the basement....

    Bad news he could not even get to the basement, she had used it for a trash dump, and filled it up!! The dogs apparently never went outside to do their business either... when he went to the two car garage to get a shovel guess what... she had filled that up when the basement got full!!! Oh yeah she got kicked out post haste and dad had a fit, it took him several weeks to dump her trash and re paint everything, replace the floor...

    Yeah there are some real hogs out there, I own apartments and pay for trash pick up so there is no excuse to load up a room with your junk. These kind of people just trash a place then move when it is no longer livable, and lie there way into a new unit. Me I do a bi month inspection of my units, I call it a maintenance check, check under the sinks for leaks, check the toilet to make sure it flushes and refills OK, and look for crap in the rooms as I walk by.
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    Pretty gross. I've seen people's cars that almost look that bad actually. Are those doggie dookies in the one pic? Looks like it.

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    Aside from the bathroom, that place looked GOOD compared to the houses that some of our Foster Children have been removed from. Seriously, that trash was CLEAN. Wish I could post some pix of what nasty really is, but they are all "Confidential & Privileged".

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    Imagine someone doing a home invasion on that place…the BGs would not get out alive.

    Also, the bathroom was Silence of The Lambs level.

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    I have been to worse. We as the FD got called to an EMS scene for worse than this. The EMS crew smelt the decomposing crap and thought it was gas (it was that bad) so we got called out. I refused to got to the second floor of that house. it made me gag this did not but i could not smell it like i could that one from the front door.

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    It's easy to clean- just a little gasoline and a match......

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