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This is a discussion on That white stuff within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; We're talkin about lower 48 Spiffy!!! - not arctic wastes Had another substantial fall yesterday and part of night - latter stages were ''sugar'' but ...

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Thread: That white stuff

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    We're talkin about lower 48 Spiffy!!! - not arctic wastes

    Had another substantial fall yesterday and part of night - latter stages were ''sugar'' but not quite freezing rain glad to say. Hour and a half this morning clearing up - piles are gettin' bigger! This doesn't show round back either where I have to dig out for my truck!

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    It took half an hour just to get all the snow off the car, and then I had to hack away all that ice. It was so thick that I was lifting off sheets of it the sice of a TV tray.
    A remote car starter is a great investment. The car will only run for around 15-20min before shutting itself off. I used to hit the remote when I woke up, again after I got out of the shower. By the time I got to my vehicle I could just use my brush/shovel to push the ice off instead of chip it off. A big pulse is a warm car . Now if driveways would shovel by remote. I might consider moving back to "the lake effect hazard area" someday.

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    We got lucky here, seems most of the stuff out of Texas stayed well to our South and the stuff that did go over us was high enough that it didn't reach the ground until East TN/ NC. Sucks for them but it's not too bad here - suppose to get down to 26° tonight, that's plenty cold for me.

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    He he sorry, but haha but, gigle, I'm heh having a hard time Bawhaha, felling sorry hohoho, for you right now. It's 21 deg. out and and has been snowing on and off for the last week, so when someone else gets a little taste well.. misery loves company.
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    Tennessee is very unpredictable with weather. One day warm and sunny, next day it's hailstones.

    And nobody seems to know how to drive in the snow and ice (or heavy rain).

    Heavy snow is rare around here, but when it happens, it usually involves lots of ice.

    A few years ago we had an ice storm that came from nowhere. I was caught at work at the time. It usually takes me 20 minutes to get home - that day it took me seven hours. I chose the flattest route home that would most likely have been taken care by the (often late efforts of) salt trucks first. That meant the interstate. The roads were packed with crawling traffic, abandoned vehicles, vehicles sliding into the ditches, and semis stuck on hills. I felt like I was crawling through a slo-mo vehicle Armageddon. TN has lots of hills, which made driving on icy roads terrible. I drive a light pickup and know how light that truck's rear end is, especially on ice. I actually made it home in one piece, and only needed assistance once when the driver behind me pushed down on my rear bumper so I could get traction up a tiny hill. Luck helped, too.

    Around 1993 we had a major snow/ice storm that took out power for almost a full week. I was a teenager at the time, and my parents live out in the boondocks. Mom always stocked up on groceries, and growing up in a rice paddy without electricity and phones taught her to "make do." We cranked up the wood stove, stayed warm by it and cooked on it, and maintained ourselves very well.

    Snow is fun when you're kids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacemanspiff
    psshaawwww! i eat two tons of snow for breakfast!

    ya'll whiny bunch of sissys!

    :evil grin:
    Everyone thanks you Spiff, but could you eat more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty
    And nobody seems to know how to drive in the snow and ice (or heavy rain).
    You're lucky........ Up here they can't even drive in the sunshine!

    EOD - Initial success or total failure

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