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How did you meet your spouse?

This is a discussion on How did you meet your spouse? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; She and her friends ordered entertainment for a bachlorette party. I arrived and never left. OK, not really. I found her on my doorstep one ...

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Thread: How did you meet your spouse?

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    She and her friends ordered entertainment for a bachlorette party. I arrived and never left.

    OK, not really. I found her on my doorstep one day.
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    I was an Employment Specialist for people with disabilities and she was an Intern from the local community college's Interpreter Training Program (Sign language) and she walked by my office and I thought she was cute, so I started talking to her.

    One day she walked by my office and told me she liked the song I was listening to (I'd Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf) and when I asked her if she liked Meatloaf she answered "I guess, if its cooked right). Combine that with the fact she could beat the pants off me in billiards and we have a winner!
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    My room mate in the military was dating my wifes roomy in San Antionio,TX for over 6 of each other never met...Until we were transferred to Germany...Met in a gym 21 yrs ago... :-)

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    Blind date, set up as part of a large group. We went bowling (NOT my idea) and she wore a short skirt.

    I never had a chance.....
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    Had a request for someone to show a new researcher a few good frog breeding habitats. The new researcher was my future wife and our first outing together was to swamp.
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    We actually met in high school. She was dating another friend of ours. At that time she apparently though I was an _ss. After I got out of the Army, a group of us were out water skiing as was usual back then. She was in another boat and asked one of the girls with her, who's that guy over skiing behind that boat, I actually had hair and smaller waist than chest back then. Well the next week, I was suckered into teaching her to ski. She couldn't keep her legs organized in order to ski on two ski's, so I just taught her to slalom. That was almost 20 years ago. There are still days she thinks I am an _ss but she still puts up with me.
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    I met my wife while we were both in the Army, stationed at Fort Monroe, Virginia. That was 45 years ago.

    When I told my First Sergeant I was getting married, he said "If the Army wanted you to have a wife, soldier, they'd issue you one".

    I answered "Well, they did, Top. She's a WAC"!

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    Met my lovely wife 38 years ago in a martial arts studio and she's been kickin' my butt ever since.
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    Wow, to think most of you met in the simplest ways. Maybe I do have a chance!
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    You didn't say which spouse... first or current!
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    First met my wife in 8th grade (she was in 7th) on our neighborhood ice skatin' pond, like Farronwolf, she thought I was.... something less than acceptable...which I pretty much was.
    Met again two years later when she started attending the publik high school, (until her 8th grade she was a catholic school girl) We started dating abut 6mos. later and were 'pretty much' sweethearts through high school. Couple years after graduatin', we were married. Been 27 years and a month. Wouldn't do it any diffferently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    How about a quick story of how you met your spouse.
    Motorcycle Rally for Veterans. We had a strong discussion about what type of bike she had. She won, Married her 4 years later. That now has been 4 years. Wouldn't trade her for anything. Loves to shoot, carry, ride, fish and to beat all she is pretty, both inside and out.

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    Local BBS service, back when AOL was by the minute (remember?). Computer "club" we met and hung out with the group for months until we became good friends, started dating and 11 months later we where married. (11 years and going strong.)

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    I was dropping a friend off at work and his girl asked if my car ('88 5.0 Mustang) would do a burnt out, well it would and I did. Next thing this cute lil lady walks by and says "Nice car". Well you know how much guys like compliments 11 months later we were married. It's been 13 great years.

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    First wife I met in Spain, she and her friend were sitting next to the beach in Soller Mallorca. I and a buddy from the Radio sight bought a picher of real Sangria and ask them if they wanted to share.

    My second wife came into the Jacuzie room at the apartments I lived at and asked if she could join me.

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