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is your 401k taking a dive too?

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Thread: is your 401k taking a dive too?

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    Mine is up a tad.
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    Mine is down a little. My company stock tanked so that did not help much. But I am positioning myself for the upswing when it comes.

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    5% on bonds? Please tell me where

    Quote Originally Posted by Stetson View Post
    My health is iffy,so I moved most of my money to the bond market where it safe. No risk with a pay off of 5% but I get to keep what I put in. !
    Well, government bonds which are the safest in terms of capital preservation, have been returning far less than 5% for years now.

    CDs, also safe, are returning well under 5% now and have been for years.

    So, I assume you are talking about investment grade corporate bonds.

    There is market risk there. There is interest rate risk there. There is a chance the owner of the debt will go belly up.

    There is no such thing as a "safe" investment.

    E.g., several years ago I purchased citi corporate bonds which paid 6% int. I ignored them until recently as the income was being paid on time. Yesterday, I noticed that the market value of these bonds has dropped by 2/3 over the last few months. Will citi survive the crisis? I think so, but don't know. They had to go to Dubai for capital. And now, they want to buy Wachovia? With what?

    The other categories of bonds which were previously thought safe were munis ( which don't pay 5%) and CMOS, which have tanked in value of late with the mortgage crisis.

    So, if you are an individual bond buyer, not buying through mutual funds (share value shifts dramatically in these), PLEASE HELP ME. Send me a PM with your portfolio-- I want the same stuff.

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    Mine is down. But I am in for the long haul. It will peak again and now You are buying at a lower rate.

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    well i spoke to my guy on monday and he said that it will bounce back and do not sell now when all is down,,it does not make sense to sale low when u bought high ,,,i am down @ 10% roughly 1000 buck
    i have 18% funds and 82% stock and he said for my age and stuff <35> he said i should be all good but i need to contribute more to my 401k i give 3% company gives me 1% ineed to put 6 to get 3 match
    so mid age guys like me hang in there ,,and if all crumbles i will turn into a robin hood ,,if u no what i mean

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    I moved some money around to different funds that looked good in research, but the bleeding just got worse, so finally I put them back into where they started (2030 retirement fund from Fidelity), and am eagerly awaiting the good times to start rolling back in.
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    Pulled all out this spring couldn't deal with it any more. Try capital world bond funds, ytd @ 8.5%, if bail out is a go, dollar value goes down, world bonds will go up, plus make $$ on the exchange. Note, just my HO not a financial adviser.

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