How many hunters do we have?

How many hunters do we have?

This is a discussion on How many hunters do we have? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well bow season starts here in MS on the 1st, I'm headed out to do a little more scouting this morning. It got me wondering ...

View Poll Results: How many of our members hunt,and how important is it?

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  • I hunt every season, every day I can.

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  • I go a couple times a year.

    29 25.00%
  • I don't hunt.

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Thread: How many hunters do we have?

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    How many hunters do we have?

    Well bow season starts here in MS on the 1st, I'm headed out to do a little more scouting this morning. It got me wondering how many members we have that hunt, and how important is it to get in the woods?
    ETA: I'm every season, every chance I get.

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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    Me and bow's don't get along. I'm lucky to hit 'air' if I pick a bow up and shoot it.

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    SW Missouri
    Haven't done much the last several years but I used to hunt all the time. Feral hogs (my favorite), deer, dove, name it.
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    Got a deer last week (out-of-season kill permit for crop damage). Last year I shot one in my bathroom.

    OK, I was in the bathroom shooting out the window. Got the swankest deer blind you've ever seen - 3BR2BA, full kitchen...

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    I am, but I don't hunt deer like most people think when they hear the word hunter. To many buffoons in the woods during deer season for me... but I'll be joining those ranks this year too, as I have a chance to hunt some good old Kentucky hardwoods.
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    In the minority here...

    I've never been hunting! Just never had the opportunity, but even that said, I'm not sure I could shoot something that wasn't coming after me. I suppose if I had to hunt to put food on the table, that would be a different story. I'm certainly not opposed to it, that's for sure!
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    Bow hunt every chance I get. I am going Whitetail and Mule deer hunting in 2 weeks. Cannot wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluedaisy View Post
    I've never been hunting! Just never had the opportunity, but even that said, I'm not sure I could shoot something that wasn't coming after me. I suppose if I had to hunt to put food on the table, that would be a different story. I'm certainly not opposed to it, that's for sure!
    I have the same atttude about hunting. Not trying to start a war, but I have never understood how killing innocent animals with high powered weapons is fun and can be considered "sport." I am particularly turned off by the typical picture of the hunter or hunters standing or kneeling behind the animal they just killed with a big grin on their faces.

    Now with that said, and although I would personally love it if everyone voluntarily gave up hunting, I fully understand that hunting is part of the culture in many parts of the country, and fully accept and support the right of those who wish to do so to continue to hunt.

    One other relevant point as it relates to the Second Amendment. It is a mistake to conclude that everyone who doesn't like hunting is necessarily anti-gun or anti Second Amendment.

    I have spoken to many people who carry and who are radical Second Amendment advocates, as I am, but who, like me, simply find hunting personally distasteful.
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    I used to hunt a lot when I was younger, not nearly as much these days. When I was a kid, the night before hunting season opened was as exciting as if it were Christmas Day. I have a lot of good memories about me and my Dad going squirrel hunting when I was young. I still have the single shot .410 he bought for me when I was 13.

    My primary hunt these days would be ducks.
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    I am actually between choice one and two. I chose 1. Bow season started last Saturday for us. I didn't hunt this past weekend, but set up one more stand and took the wife and little one out so she could pratice with her bow a bit more.

    Next weekend she will bow hunt for the first time, and the little one will get to spend his first weekend in the woods in a blind. Hopefully this will mean more time in the woods for me in the years to come.

    Ron, is it any more humane to pick up a package of steaks or pork loin after that critter died from a bolt to the head in the slaughter house? There is more to the hunt than the pulling of the trigger with the high powered rifle. There is time spent with family and friends, learning the woods and how the ecosystem works, and learning about the animals and what they do to survive and the patterns they follow. To each his own I guess.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    South Florida
    Gun season only, I don't have a lot of spare time on my hands.
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    I have hunted by either gun or bow since I was 10-12 yrs old. That would be about 40 yrs. Now, I am an avid bowhunter, rarely hunt with a gun anymore since my father-in-law passed away (deer hunting partner). I still own many big game firearms but find that archery is much more satisfying. Have taken many deer, elk, antelope, bear and caribou with my bow. Have recently moved into the Rocky Mtn region and am now working on my Goat and Sheep collection.

    Here is a Minnesota Whitetail I harvested with a bow back in the late 80's. This buck took 1st place in the Mn Deer Classic that year.

    181 7/8" P&Y gross

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    Before I moved to VA I hunted every season, bow, muzzle loader and modern firearms. Since moving here, I have been hunting twice in 10 years.
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    Bow season starts the 1st here in MI. I hunt bow, gun, and muzzleloader. If time allows I try to get in some duck and geese hunting. In the winter I hunt rabbits with beagles. Would like to get into coyote hunting. Every nov. we go up north for two weeks.
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    I hunt whitetail a lot but not every day that I can. I also hunt during blackpowder season. I do plan on taking one with my 1911 this year.
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