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What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise

This is a discussion on What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The part of Memphis I live in isn't that bad compared to the rest of our not-so-fair city. I voted medium but probably should have ...

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Thread: What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise

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    May 2007
    Memphis, TN
    The part of Memphis I live in isn't that bad compared to the rest of our not-so-fair city. I voted medium but probably should have voted 1 up from that. Wife's car was stolen out of our driveway 1 year ago this month, a few neighbors have had break-ins but no one has been physically harmed. There have been a few domestic dispute situations but none with bodily harm. Overall our neighborhood is a quiet little pocket in an otherwise top ten most violent city in America.
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    East TX
    I voted our neighborhood as very low. We live in a very rual area, just outside of a little community called Elysian Fields. We have a grocery store (General Store) with one gas and one diesel pump each, a car wash, a bank and a post office. That's all about 4 miles from me. The high school is about a mile to the west of us, and there are no homes between here and there. There are 4 houses and another little store near me on the east, and that's about it! There have been some homes broke into over the yeas; twice in the past 20 years. Both times the local LEOs caught the BGs. I have never had a problem in the 20 years I have lived here. Could be the big dogs in the yard?

    Y'all be safe now, ya hear!

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    The Old Dominion
    Where's no crime? We pay these guys in brown shirts and black boots up to their knees to ensure we have no crime in my area. Works well from what I read and know about. Also I live on a roughly 150-200 acre chunk of land owned by a developer. They have built a mall, some strip malls, hotels, apartment buildings and a housing tract. They have their own security rolling through as well as the local sheriff's deputies (brown shirts).
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    May 2007
    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    It's a pretty small town I live in, especially for a "Navy town". We have our low-income housing that attracts the thugs....who bring thier criminal dispositions in along with thier drugs, etc. Bored teenagers, idiot adults (domestic violence, assults, etc.).

    This place has it's problems but compared to other, larger areas I've lived in it's pretty quiet.

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    Sep 2007
    Near St. Lou-istan, MO
    Low. Although as I was waiting in a nearby business parking lot for the realtor to show up when we were buying this house, I saw police cars swoop down on a bank across the road. Turns out some guy had tried to rob this bank with a sawed-off shotgun. (This was 12 years ago, and not the bank that was robbed twice recently.)

    Within a few weeks of moving in, some guy walked into a house in our neighborhood at night and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old in her bedroom.

    Then there was the guy who was charged with killing his grandmother by unplugging her life-support, but I'm not going to classify that in the same group as a violent crime from strangers. Maybe it was cruel, maybe it was mercy... I don't know.

    Generally quiet, but anything could happen at any time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Balsac View Post
    My apartment building in the last three years:

    3 break-in's (mostly on 1st floor)
    1 robbery at gun point in stairwell (gold chain/watch)
    1 gang-type shooting at gas station resulting in our cars/walls struck by gunfire
    1 drunk cuban guy waving revolver around while yelling on cell phone
    1 attempted murder/break-in (august/september issue of USCCA concealedcarry)
    4 stolen cars (watched one of them from 3rd floor)
    1 neighbor boyfriend punching plate glass window in anger
    1 stolen electrical meter from meter room (mine!@#$##)
    2 times group of thugs walking around checking if any doors are left unlocked

    ... I chose MEDIUM
    Have you considered moving?

    Quote Originally Posted by Balsac View Post
    1 attempted murder/break-in (august/september issue of USCCA concealedcarry)
    I read that story. I think of that situation often, usually when I'm headed for bed. That story is the reason I grab an extra mag. IIRC the intruder went down somewhere around the 13th shot, and was hit numerous times. Several times I've gone to the bedroom for the night, realized I didn't have my extra mag with me, remembered that story, and went and grabbed my extra mag even though it was inconvenient. Yep, that story impacts me often.

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    Oct 2007
    Nederland & W. Tennessee
    Well, littering is a crime and we get a lot of that.

    There is an old farm house on the other side of the farm (there used to be two) where kids used to break in to visit and smoke weed.

    And every-so-often, all the mail boxes get smashed.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    CT, USA
    Where I live. Pretty good maybe a incident every year or two.

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    Feb 2008
    I voted low but about a mile away there was an older woman killed during a car jacking,I know because suspect vehicle description fit my jeep and I was questioned by cops
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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    Oct 2005
    NW PA
    I'm right on the edge of the bad part of town. If you cross the street and head towards Lake Erie it gets a bit dicey. My block avoids the worst of it, although my neighbor's door was kicked down (she wasn't home at the time), the other neighbor was a drug dealer when I moved in, and a cop was shot at a bar six blocks away a year or two ago. I chose medium. I just lock my doors and keep the 1911 loaded.
    - Kurt
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    Pacific Northwest
    I'll say "low".

    I live on a dead-end street with 11 homes on it, in a forested area.
    In the last five years, there have been two reported break-ins on my street, but nothing else that I know of.

    Pete Zaria.
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    - Margaret Mead

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    Aug 2006
    Pretty safe here, but the city nearby where I go to school has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. That's whay I live where I do instead of in the city.

    When I first moved to KS, before the family came up, I lived in a high crime neighborhood. Cops, sirens, people beaing beat up, robbed and murdered. One guy was robbed and murdered (shot 3 times with a .45) in the same apartment complex I lived in. Another dude was shot in the head at the bank ATM across the street. Drug dealer on the corner.

    I am glad I got out of there.
    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    I live in the mountains of nys surrounded by small towns crime is low but like every were else there are knuckle heads around, so i carry at all times, every ware that i can.

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    Jun 2007
    my neighboor has a very low crime rate. I never hear of anything or see anything funny. Nice and quite with the neighbors looking out for eachother.

    The biggest problem is some dogs running around...

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