What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise

What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise

This is a discussion on What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As far as crime goes, how does your neighborhood rate? Then check out the sister poll at http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...omic-wise.html . Won't be able to correlate them, ...

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Thread: What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise

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    Portland, OR

    What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise

    As far as crime goes, how does your neighborhood rate?

    Then check out the sister poll at http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...omic-wise.html.

    Won't be able to correlate them, but it will be interesting to see the stats.
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    Local teenage hooliganism and some domestic violence from time to time, that's about it, we're very rural.

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    I Live in Richmond, KY. Its alright here, most of the hooliganism is near the local wal-mart (go figure), and in the slums. besides that its a wonderful place to live, big college town (Eastern KY Univ.)

    Stats: (population: 31,400)

    Personal crime incidents (per 1,000) 3

    Property crime incidents (per 1,000) 40
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    Apr 2008
    North Miami, FL
    My apartment building in the last three years:

    3 break-in's (mostly on 1st floor)
    1 robbery at gun point in stairwell (gold chain/watch)
    1 gang-type shooting at gas station resulting in our cars/walls struck by gunfire
    1 drunk cuban guy waving revolver around while yelling on cell phone
    1 attempted murder/break-in (august/september issue of USCCA concealedcarry)
    4 stolen cars (watched one of them from 3rd floor)
    1 neighbor boyfriend punching plate glass window in anger
    1 stolen electrical meter from meter room (mine!@#$##)
    2 times group of thugs walking around checking if any doors are left unlocked

    ... I chose MEDIUM
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    Fayetteville, AR
    Okay, I voted low on this poll. I've already been to the "sister poll". We are rural here of course. My view on the surrounding area crime-wise would be in two different parts. Again...the parts of neighborhoods I drive through most days to get to civilization......part #1...with what I've heard, and what I can see from outward appearances...illegal drug use may be a problem ( I haven't verified this), but being that is illegal, I'd relate it to crime, but not necessarily crimes committed against others or matters of public records. Part #2...I've found searching the internet, the close lying community has several sex-offenders registered, and there seems to be some property damage reports and possible vehicle break-ins, and (again---I'm just guessing here) maybe some domestic violence possible. In the overall picture, I think crime around these parts is low. I think family morals and a possibly pro-active police force has a lot to do with it staying low. Our closest community is a hub of sorts located very close to some well traveled highways and interchanges. Folks passing through are more likely to be scrutinized and found on the wrong side of the law than the folks who live here. If you want to know the real statistics, just type in Alma, Arkansas in your search.

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    VIP Member Array Paco's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    McKinney, TX
    We are low, McKinney police tour the sub division pretty regularly, HOA dues pay for them when off duty.

    Last year we had a few biggies in surrounding areas and the city next door (Frisco), but all in all my house is in a great place. Of course I am also comparing it to where I grew up at, Pleasant Grove in SE Dallas.
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    Crime rate per 100K people, 2006 data.
    Hillsboro, OR / Beaverton, OR / National

    Murder: 2.3 1.1 7
    Forcible Rape: 39.57 20.65 32.2
    Robbery: 89.6 34.4 205.8
    Aggravated Assault: 91.9 182.4 336.5
    Burglary: 348 356.7 813.2
    Larceny Theft: 2565.2 1874.3 2601.7
    Vehicle Theft: 289.8 298.2 501.5

    My specific neighborhood is on the border of a mid-yuppie, gentrified suburb and an older area with one-third of the property values as just across the street. Being relatively near the light rail train line, a lot of the houdlum/drug activity flows through, nearby. But, all in all, the overall crime rates are far lower than nationally.
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    Goldsboro, NC
    Relatively new sub-division, 4 years old, and only one crime to note - neighbor down the street forgot to lock his truck and someone stole his GPS unit.
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    Mason, MI, USA
    I'd reply to the poll, but I honestly don't know. I see the police every once in a while, but otherwise, I don't know of much crime in particular, other than the occasional empty house that gets broken into. And by "empty" I mean no one is currently living there.

    The funny thing, when we first moved here, we had people tell us were in "the hood." I sort of looked around, and laughed. We moved to Michigan from the Chicago area, and I've not seen anything in Lansing that looks remotely "hoodish." But then again, I also have to laugh when people complain about "rush hour" traffic here too. It lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.

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    Mid-Hudson Valley area of NY
    I live about 70 miles north of NYC in a very small town and quite rural. Although the towns and cities around me have a high crime rate, it hasn't creeped into my little town just yet. But the gangs are showing up more and more in the surrounding towns like Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls.

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    Central Florida
    Very little if any crime...have never seen flashing lights in our hood. Had a rash of car break-in's one night last year...caught the dirtbags and they are on a long vacation.

    I like this place...lots of cops live here, too!

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    Gated community with only one entrance and two exits. Security guard on duty at the entrance 24/7/365. I have not heard of anything more serious than some kids pool hopping after hours at the community center. Our larger community (from what I have been able to find) has not had a homicide since some time back in the 1990's
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    Mines very low, but I might have to change it to low because of the liberals coming into my hood and stealing all the conservative political signs.
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    Northwest Ohio
    The last "Crime" in my neighbor hood was some mailbox smashing. my neighbor put a stop to that. .308 to the radiator is a good way to stop a car. 25 min after the shots fired call to the sheriff 2 deputies arrive and are shocked that no one in my family (we live directly across the street form the shooter) wanted to press charges. The perps parents threatened to sue but could not find a lawyer to take their case.

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