What kind of neighborhood do you live in economic-wise

What kind of neighborhood do you live in economic-wise

This is a discussion on What kind of neighborhood do you live in economic-wise within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; How would you rate the economics/income level of your neighborhood. Then check out the sister poll at http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...rime-wise.html . Won't be able to correlate them, ...

View Poll Results: What is the income level of your neighborhood?

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  • Upper upper class

    4 3.64%
  • Middle upper class

    8 7.27%
  • Lower upper class

    1 0.91%
  • Upper middle class

    21 19.09%
  • Middle middle class

    42 38.18%
  • Lower middle class

    26 23.64%
  • Upper lower class

    6 5.45%
  • Middle lower class

    2 1.82%
  • Lower lower class

    0 0%
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Thread: What kind of neighborhood do you live in economic-wise

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    Portland, OR

    What kind of neighborhood do you live in economic-wise

    How would you rate the economics/income level of your neighborhood.

    Then check out the sister poll at http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...rime-wise.html.

    Won't be able to correlate them, but it will be interesting to see the stats.
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    Fayetteville, AR
    I voted lower middle class actually. It's kind of hard to judge. We don't actually have a neighborhood since it's country, but the part of town I drive through to get anywhere other than the range, I judge by outward appearances alone, and it's actually a mix of what you might term lower middle to upper lower. Country folks I couldn't judge as country folk can be very deceiving by outward appearances alone. We don't depend upon as much as city folk, and junk in the front yard may very well be good investments. If we don't keep our yard mowed every week and have a hundred cats running wild, doesn't mean we aren't keeping up with the rest of the world in terms of 'worldly things' or the economy. It just means that when the gas bill gets to high to bear, we'll be burning wood for the winter. As far as the general area we live in...seems to be doing rather well considering.

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    Lower middle class for me. We're not in the dumps, but its no suburbia either.

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    McKinney, TX
    I voted upper middle class. I live in a great house, but it is normal. I do however get to drive through some $500K to 1M areas to get to my subdivision.
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    Shantyville, nothing but cardboard boxes and tarps with big screen plasmas, caddies in the drive and lots of bling. Thats my hood-- NOT

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    Mid-Hudson Valley area of NY
    Middle Middle Class here. The houses are old and expensive(It's NY) but everyone seems to be true middle class. Although a lot of the rich folk from Westchester and NYC are moving here and building HUGE houses.

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    Central Florida
    Middle of the road homes for FL...200,000 -250,000 range...nothing really speicial...of course, after the gov bailout you might be able to buy a house here for $10,000.
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    upper middle, home in my hood are above the median price range for the area. They range from 200 to 400k.
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    Making ammo.
    What do you consider the thresholds to be for the different classes?
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    East Texas
    A 300k house in rural Texas is worth multi-millions in California. I am in country with 9500 sq ft house across street and a mobile home 2 doors down.
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    May 2008
    Middle/Middle class house.

    But lower class area. The DC Metro virginia side area is too scrambled to really classify yourself though.

    I mean, you drive through 500-1million dollar homes, into apartment complexes and trailer parks, then pass by more houses, a golf course, then a crumby shopping complex...

    Its like poor to rich here, all within 20miles.

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    I voted Middle Middle Class.

    I just bought an old home. Built in 1955 and paid less than 100K. My neighborhood is very mixed with houses. Some built around 50-60's and some new ones. All the homes are well kept and the folks seem to be your average joe with some having really nice cars.

    right across the street there is a nice sub with homes over 250K.

    My township is either #1 or #2 for money and schools.


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    Middle-middle class, I guess. $175,000 house.
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    Bartlesville, Oklahoma
    Maybe I'm lower than I thought. I make $30,000 a year. I live in a $65,000 home. My wife only works part time because she is in college. I'm 25 and don't really have crap. I'm poor and it sucks, I'm working my outta that hopefully.
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