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    I did, but I'm too old now to remember it.
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    Yeah.. Growing up, my friends called me "Pills".. Not for the reason you think though.. I have always been a larger person, and when I was younger, I kinda, so they said, resembled the Pillsberry Dough Boy.. Man.. Been a while since I have heard that name!
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    I just got a new one a few months ago. When I joined the Air Force Reserve in May I picked a new career field and had to go to Tech School, which I'm getting ready to finish now. After I got to the new unit I was pretty anonymous at PT for the first day or two, being quiet by nature. Then we ran. I've been a runner for 12 years now, so I'm a bit faster than your average Airman. I started behind everyone else so I could stretch a bit more, then passed them all and lapped a few on the one mile loop. Since no one knew my name yet, I became Sergeant "Speedy" and it stuck.
    - Kurt
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    I hung out (by chance) with a lot of buddies who shared my first name (hint: most common male name from 1961-1998). So we all had to go by something else, and mine was my last name, as it's also "first name"

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    Got labeled Nutty Ned as a tactical call sign, so--- NN was used for a shorter form at times.

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    Back in the old country I was known as The Lad and on this side of the pond I was known as Irish.

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    None growing up really, other than the normal shortening of my first name (Christopher).

    I got Paco from a buddy of mine at work, neither of us know why but it just stuck. The real funny thing is I am not Hispanic. I love leaving that name at restaurants and watch people's faces when I walk up after being called.
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    Didn't have one growing up, but now... does Mom count??
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    Most people call me by my last name or some variation of it.

    I.E.: Shaw, Shawdog, etc. The ladies always like to call me Mikey instead of Mike for some reason.
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    My surname has been sort of a nickname for me. Actually, I prefer to have it used. I was about thirteen when that started.

    Most of my Spanish-speaking acquaintances know me by the Spanish version of one of my given names... partially because it is difficult to pronounce for the non or new English speaker.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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