Conquering an old foe......

Conquering an old foe......

This is a discussion on Conquering an old foe...... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; When I decided to by a gun, back in 2005, I started with 9mm. The reason was that in the late 70s, I was sold ...

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Thread: Conquering an old foe......

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    Conquering an old foe......

    When I decided to by a gun, back in 2005, I started with 9mm. The reason was that in the late 70s, I was sold a Smith and Wesson K frame, 4 inch barrel .357 revolver. It was a nice gun, stainless steel, really beautiful. My friend who sold it to me (he owned a gun store) said that he would take me out to teach me how to shoot, since I had never fired a handgun. In fact, the only gun that I had fired was a 22 caliber rifle that I had as a kid. So, he took me into the woods, first we used 38 special rounds. He put up a silhouette target, at around 7-10 yards. I fired 36 rounds, with 35 in the 10 ring, and 1 flyer in the 9 ring. He took down that target, put up a bull's eye target, and loaded the revolver with 357 rounds. My first shot, which I fired just like the 38, cut the dead center of the target, and
    it wouldn't have been better if I used a compass and drew it. The next 5 rounds, well, weren't that good. In fact, none hit the target! It was obvious that I was flinching. And, though I went shooting on my first wife's parent's farm, I could never do any better. So, as long as I had it, I had it loaded with 38 special rounds. I figured that it's the only way that I could hit the target, unless I planned on burning an intruder to death with the muzzle blast. I sold it a few years later, needing the money.

    Now, after shooting the 9mm for a year, I decided to rent a 45 one day at the range, just to try it. I found that I had no trouble controlling it, so I bought myself an XD 45 as my primary carry gun.
    Today, I went to the range, mainly to shoot my new Glock 30, as I'll have to qualify with it before I can have it added to my CHL. But just for the heck of it, I decided to rent a 4 inch 357 revolver. I didn't check the make or model, I just noted that it felt like my old gun as far as weight was concerned. After shooting my G30, and my G19, I put up a fresh target and loaded the revolver. And I was pleased with the result. No, all of the rounds weren't on the 10 ring. But all of my shots (with the exception of some 10 yard left handed head shots, and I'm right handed) hit the target in a location that would certainly slow, if not stop, an attacker- those that weren't heart shots were at least in the central torso. I was really pleased that I can now at least control the 357 reasonably, and of course with practice I'm sure that I would improve. I have planned on getting a revolver as a part of my SHTF arsenal, since it may come in handy, and I had planned on getting a 357, if for nothing more than a sturdier gun. It's nice to know that I can add 357 rounds to my supply of ammo, and actually have a strong likelihood of being able to stop an attacker without having to incinerate him!

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    I noticed since getting my 357 last year, that ammo is hard to find. I'm using 38+P for my carry ammo. Have you had this problem?
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    I bought a case of JHP's a few months ago, boy, that's a lot of ammo! I don't shoot the revolver that much, and am thinking of getting a lever action rifle, or maybe another hand gun.

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