A Stun Gun on an Animal is Disturbing?

A Stun Gun on an Animal is Disturbing?

This is a discussion on A Stun Gun on an Animal is Disturbing? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; OMG. I canNOT believe this. I hope the link works. Police officer blasts escaped ram with a 50,000-volt stun gun - Telegraph My response to ...

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Thread: A Stun Gun on an Animal is Disturbing?

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    A Stun Gun on an Animal is Disturbing?

    OMG. I canNOT believe this.

    I hope the link works.

    Police officer blasts escaped ram with a 50,000-volt stun gun - Telegraph

    My response to this one is that someone, lots of someones, needs to toughen up just a little bit.

    As a start, I suggest watching "Patton", particularly the scene where Georgie does in the mules on the bridge which are holding up a column (thereby being exposed to strafing from German aircraft).

    "Mother country" my eye-teeth. More like [Edited] country....
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    Did anybody ask the ram how he felt about it?
    Gun control can be blamed in part for allowing 9/11 to happen.
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    Yeah, cause it'd be really great if that guy riding with his daughter hit a ram going 40mph down the road cause the cop let it get away from him as he tried a friendly conversation coaxing it off the road.

    Seriously, the guy probably loves mutton. How do you think they make that? With a stun gun?

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    Wales is a former entity of the UK.
    There goes the reason for the thoughts of the persons featured in the article.

    - Duracell
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    Sheeple For The Preservation Of Sheep Rights This is a clear violation of the sheep's rights! Sheep were roaming this area long before cars were invented, and because of that have every right to be there when and how they see fit!!
    Wonder how they would have reacted if the police had used their car to "nudge" it off the road?
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    People need to tough up their kids. No trophys for everybody just he winning team.

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    "Everyone had stopped their cars and a few people had got out and were trying to herd the sheep away from the carriageway. The police arrived and went towards the sheep, but it moved away from them."

    Yep, a definite traffic hazzard.

    "It is not difficult to herd a sheep to the side of the road or through a gateway back into a field. There is no need to use such excessive force on an animal."

    This must have been said by someone that has no idea of how difficult scared, confused animals are to deal with. This was the quickest way to handle a bad situation and there are more inhumane ways.
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    Some people act like don't know the origin of the Taser was the cattle prod. Back about 1970 we had one that we used for cows and stubborn mules. Some smart fellow decided that if it worked on cows then why not humans.

    Shocking, just shocking.

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    Sheep on a major roadway need only one person not watching to rear-end a slowing car, and death could result. A whole flock of sheep is even more unpredictable. I don't have sheep but I've chased loose cattle on foot and it was no picnic.

    People have been watching too much Disney - animals are not people in fur suits who act like you or I do. They are prey animals who protect themselves by running away... maybe into traffic. Get the buggers off the road quick!

    I'm amazed the taser even worked - all that wool to protect the skin. It's hard to get electric fences to zap a sheep. Maybe it was newly shorn (although wrong time of year for it).

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    Amy was distressed at the sight of an electric ?
    How would she have felt at the sight of a 20-car pileup with multiple deaths?...better?

    Actually, I could go for some lamb chops right now....
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    Livestock as the right of way.

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    Smack in the middle of wealthy on one side and dirt poor on the other
    Guess that means "zapping" it permanently, strapping it to the "boot" and taking it home for dinner was out of the question?
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    All I have to say is that this is truly shocking!

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    Ba bahh don't tase me bro!! ba bahh

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