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should i make a resume ?

This is a discussion on should i make a resume ? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I don't want to be discourteous or nasty, but if you do decide to write a resume, please have a professional do it. After reading ...

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Thread: should i make a resume ?

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    I don't want to be discourteous or nasty, but if you do decide to write a resume, please have a professional do it. After reading your posts and seeing your grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, if you mailed me a resume (and of course, cover letter) I would probably trash it. Unfortunately, people who scan resumes look for the above three criteria. I've done some hiring and firing and I can tell you truthfully that if the cover and resume are not structured properly, they seldom get a second glance. Regardless of the intelligence, work ethic and motivation of the writer, bad grammar, structure and punctuation (especially capitalizing the first word of a new sentence) indicate lack of education, laziness and inability to effectively communicate.

    Please don't take this personally. Just some friendly advice. You already have a strike against you with no HS diploma. However, if you indicate why and emphasize the fact that you are returning to get your HS diploma, to most employers, that shows a tremendous amount of motivation and work ethic. And believe me, in today's job market, that means a lot.

    Good luck. I wish you success.
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    yea. my spelling, grammar, ect. is normally atrocious in forums and chats. whenever i do something official like a resume or something of that sort, i go over it a few times, then turn it over to a few people i know will catch everything. i completely understand what you mean, and thanks for the tip. :D

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    Go for your job interview. Look sparkling clean and get yourself as "well groomed" as possible.
    Be polite.
    You'll probably do just fine without a written resume.
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    Get a G.E.D. and enlist, try the med review board may be suprised with the result. Get in whatever branch will take you. You will have a stable job that will allow you to get promoted with a little hard work. I joined broke... now I own two homes, rent one, got my BA degree, working on an MBA, support my family of five, and have never been happier. If you can't get in the Navy, go Army. The military will make you a self sufficent MAN that contributes to the US. P.S. the USAF doesn't like GED's either...sorry.

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    I met a few guys back in Boot that had their G.E.Ds, and I know many guys who have stood in front of DODMERB and argued their health issues. I am not saying it's a guarantee you will be accepted, and you won't necessarily have you pick of any rate, but it can't hurt. It's worth the effort to find out. Especially considering that recruitment rates are dropping, you might have a chance you wouldn't have 4 years ago.
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