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SNAKE in my truck! HELP!!!

This is a discussion on SNAKE in my truck! HELP!!! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Eventually it will leave in search of food. The problem here is convincing your wife that it's truly gone. At three feet in length there ...

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Thread: SNAKE in my truck! HELP!!!

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    Eventually it will leave in search of food. The problem here is convincing your wife that it's truly gone. At three feet in length there are far to many places it can squeeze into to hide. After a couple of days of checking, if you don't see it again it probably moved to a less noisy location (note: by that I mean less vibration from the engine running, doors opening and closing, etc. Snakes can't hear sounds.).
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    Hummmm....lemme think poisonous snakes native to Florida?

    You have the Canebrake rattler & the Diamondback - the Copperhead - the Cottonmouth - the Pygmy rattler & one more...hummm...the Coral snake.

    All of the hospitals in FLA probably either stock or have extremely quick access to anti-venom for all native species of poisonous snakes.

    Just feel around everywhere with your hands until you locate the snake and yank him the heck out of there.

    If you get bit and the snake turns out to be'll know it soon enough - simply go to the hospital and get the shots.

    So....what's the problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    All of the hospitals in FLA probably either stock or have extremely quick access to anti-venom for all native species of poisonous snakes.
    Just feel around everywhere with your hands until you locate the snake and yank him the heck out of there.
    So....what's the problem?
    They probably also have quick-clot, some extra blood of my blood type, and surgeons that could pull out a few bullets and sew me back up, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go "feeling around" some gangbanger's neighborhood
    (Yes, I know you were being sarcastic, so was I)

    I like the mothballs / leave truck in the sun solutions. He'll get hungry and leave to find something to eat sooner or later, anyway. You may have to tear half your interior apart to prove to your wife that he's gone, however.

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    LOL. I had a rat in my Escalade a few years ago. My wife pulled up to the house and said something was in the truck. I start looking and a rat pokes its head out of the door jam! So what do I do to get him to leave you ask? A little shot of OC got him moving pretty quick
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    Go to the pet store and buy a little mouse. Then tie a thin 3 ft. piece of wire to the mouse's foot and the other end of the wire to the gas pedal. Check back frequently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRICKORMATE View Post
    You know what? it wasn't peanut butter lol..

    A mouse had gotten stuck on the sticky and wham so did the snake trying to get the mouse..
    Now that I believe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    I'm not,never met a snake that liked peanut butter, and I've known quite a few!

    Oh, and if you do spot him, and his eyes look cloudy, be careful, that means he's getting ready to shed his skin, and most snakes get very aggressive when that happens........ And just because he's having trouble seeing, don't think for a minute he won't know where you are!
    This happens to women to, doesn't it?
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    That's why I live where's it's cold ! None of that crap !

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    WOW, so nobody has mentioned one of the only sure ways to catch this little guy. I have had a couple snakes, and I have had a cornsnake as a pet for the last two years. The mouse thing will probably NOT work. Snakes can go a month or more without eating. IF you could get a small wire cage with the perfect spacing, I have seen a snake crawl in, eat the mouse, and get stuck due to the lump from the mouse. I guess you could try that. BUT snakes need water on a very regular basis. I would suggest trying something with water. Maybe put a dish of water on the floor of the truck and keep checking back. The snake is not going to move during the day much, they hunt at night. I woulds seriously suggest rigging up a cage. I had something die in one of my vehicles and I couldnt find it no matter what. I had to sell the car, seriously. Water is the only thing that will lure him quickly. I just had to hunt for my snake two weeks ago when she got out...

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    Just go out and borrow a CO2 10-15# fire extinguisher, roll up the windows and flood the PU interior with the stuff, the cold will make the snake very lethargic, so it can be easily searched for and removed or not finding it, it will die to low oxygen if not removed.
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    I had a 5 ft rat snake get loose in my truck one time. After trying to get him out of the dash for a couple of hours, the only reason I caught him was he was trying to climb up my A pillar and get into the headliner. I just happened to take the A pillar trim off to get the dash off and he fell into my hands, heh.

    That 5 ft snake could ball himself into a space the size of a baseball.
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    dead mouse on a string or a flame thrower ought to do the job. GOOD LUCK.

    I'd have to totally disassemble the truck to prove to my wife the snake was gone, or show her it's dead body. Easier to sell the truck to a snake person.

    Perhaps animal control can give you a hand or a clue to right the situation.

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    Sorry I don't know how to catch the snake but your wife will want to see a dead one. Guys, don't let your wives read the following..............I am sure there are dead snakes of similar size and coloring somewhere in your area. Acquire one and present it as evidence of death. If the real one shows up again, look very serious and say you didn't know they traveled in pairs. Then suggest the new truck.

    If you get busted, my evil twin wrote this post.

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    Wife Saves the Day!!!

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions about how to remove the snake from my truck. The best solution was loaning the vehicle to my Mother In Law for the week. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible since she doesn't live nearby. Firebombing the truck was also considered!!! The wife didn't think that was a good idea since it is our only vehicle!

    The most popular solution was to put mothballs in the truck and wait it out. So, yesterday my Dad brought over some mothballs. We put them in the back and under the seats, but left the front floorboards clear. We also left one door open. My wife sat in the driveway for about 1 1/2 hours playing with my daughter and keeping an eye on the truck. Nothing. Nada. Zip. No Snake.

    So, I decide to take one last look around. I remove the mothballs (which are really nasty) and take the flashlight and look under the seats. My head is under the steering wheel looking back under the drivers seat when my wife starts freaking out and says "Oh my God, he's in the cupholder!!!!" Not good, my head is about 6" from the cupholder in the center console. So, I freak out and dive backwards. I look up and see my wife with the grill tongs trying to grab the snake. It freaks out and flips onto the passenger seat. She pins it with the tongs, gets ahold of it and pulls it out of the truck. Damn I love my wife! We determine it is not a dangerous snake and throw it in the woods across the street. Our fear the whole time was that it was one of the venomous snakes we have here in north Florida. I think it was a rat snake. This is a good thing being that my head was right next to it!!! Now all is well, and we can drive our truck without the fear of being bitten by a moccasin or some other nasty snake!
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