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Police Officer Monkeys

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Thread: Police Officer Monkeys

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    Police Officer Monkeys

    A man walks into a pet store and is looking around when he spots a chimpanzee in a cage marked, "$1000". The man looks a little closer and discovers that the chimpanzee is wearing a tie and a hat and is twirling a set of handcuffs around his finger. Curious, the man summons the shopkeeper and asks him what the deal is with this thousand-dollar monkey.

    "Sir, You have discovered our Police Officer Monkeys. This one is our basic Patrol version. It's got a POST Basic certification; can fire 'Expert' with a Glock, Remington 870, or an AR15; knows the Penal Code and Traffic Code by heart and is up-to-date on Cultural Diversity and Active Shooter Response. Very good value for a thousand dollars!"

    The man is suitably impressed and moves to the next cage, which is occupied by a gorilla - also wearing a hat and tie, but is gnawing on a pen instead of the handcuffs.

    The price on this one is $5000. Shopkeeper exclaims, "Ah, sir! You have discovered the Sergeant model! This one has a POST Advanced certification, is capable of training any other monkeys in basic firearms skills, mechanics of arrest, physical training, investigation and small unit tactics! It can even type! Very good value for five thousand, sir!"

    Impressed, the man moves to the last cage. Inside, he finds an orangutan, dressed in the same hat and tie as the others, but holding only a coffee cup. "What does this one do that he's worth $12,000?" asks the man.

    The shopkeeper clears his throat, "Ah, sir, well, um.... we have never actually seen him do anything except drink coffee and play with his private parts, but he says he's a Lieutenant."
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    kind of reminds me of my military days!
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    I'm temped to send this to one of my professors who's a lieutenant

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    Archer you beat me to the punch, how true!
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    I once worked for that Lieutenant...

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    all good... LOL
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    You LEO's should make a large copy and post it in the squad room
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    LOL! That's funny stuff right there!

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    My sargent buddy got it.

    That's funny!

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    That joke would work in most lines of work.....it sure works in education...I was an Orangutan...
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    I must give that to a friend of mine whom is a retired Sheriff Lt.

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    that would be perfect if I could turn that into a firefighter joke. I have three lieutenants like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbone View Post
    that would be perfect if I could turn that into a firefighter joke. I have three lieutenants like that.

    Only three? Man, I'm working for the wrong dept.
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