Happened at my daughters work

Happened at my daughters work

This is a discussion on Happened at my daughters work within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My daughter works in the R&D department of an automotive company. As she was returning from lunch yesterday she got a phone all that there ...

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Thread: Happened at my daughters work

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    Happened at my daughters work

    My daughter works in the R&D department of an automotive company. As she was returning from lunch yesterday she got a phone all that there was a bomb threat at the plant. They found a suspicious package outside the cubical next to her's. The guy whose cubical it was, was actually in her car with her coming back from lunch.
    Here's what happened. They had some assemblies made by an outside vendor. Since it is R&D the orders are custom small run orders. The componets used are then evaluated and approved or not.
    In order to track the componets used the vendor includes a Bill OF Materials or BOM. (We use these where I work also).
    The Bill OF Materials needs to be included with the shipped parts.
    The Vendor had a new student or intern working there and they told him to but the Bill Of Materials in the container with the parts and include a note saying it was there.
    The funny part is everyone over there doesn't say Bill Of Materials, they say BOM, prounounced bom. The intern heard bomb, note the second b is not always sounded out, so he wrote Bomb inside, when he shipped the package.
    They closed the plant for 4 hours, had the FBI and the bomb squad there.
    I hope the poor intern doesn't lose his job!

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    He's really going to lose it when he learns of the term "exploded BOMs."

    Newbies. Gotta love 'em!
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    We have BOMs with "extended descriptions" here.

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    Oh, that's good. If he doesn't get fired, the ribbing he will get will make him want to quit I'm sure.
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    I guess getting a BOM could result in a BM (bowel movement)
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    and jobs are tough enough to come by...poor intern
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    I will take him a long time to live down that mistake.

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    He's never going to hear the end of that one.

    One has to wonder what was going through his head when he wrote that on the package. He didn't question it at all? "Hmm...they said it was a bomb. Guess that's what I'll put down..."

    Does anyone ever think through the repercussions of what they say?

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    Hope he doesn't talk about that incident at the airport.
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    These are our future leaders/ decision makers. Is it wrong I'm so cynical and probably only three or four years older than that dimwit who wrote "BOMB" on a package?
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    This is what happens when we assume that everyone around us understands our terminology, nomenclature, or abbreviations.
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    Last year their was a report of a bomb at a school cafeteria because one of the cafe workers saw a box (professionally) labeled BOMB POPS.
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    On another site that I frequent related to diesel trucks, we call modifying our trucks "BOMB"ing them. It stands for

    Better Off Modified Baby

    Right after 9-11, I sent out a post that we may need to be careful in our use of that term or we may get an FBI knock on the door.

    The use of our wording in our discussions and the word recognition scanning that may or not be going on was my thinking. A few people wondered, but I never heard of such visits occurring.

    This term could relate to these fine tools the we love here, too.


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