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This is a discussion on Election aftermath poll within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Quite rural here. Can't see any type of problem around my way. On the other hand we will see what will show up on the ...

View Poll Results: How likely are riots near your home?

144. You may not vote on this poll
  • Not at all, cows stampede, not riot.

    58 40.28%
  • There's a slim chance.

    48 33.33%
  • I'm worried enough to prepare.

    34 23.61%
  • It's happening here, you'll see me on CNN.

    4 2.78%
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Thread: Election aftermath poll

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    Quite rural here. Can't see any type of problem around my way. On the other hand we will see what will show up on the evening news coming from the big cities like Philadelphia.

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    I am not expecting anything on my side of town but can't say about the other side. Don't even as about work, I may plan to be sick that day.

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    My closest neighbor is a half mile away and their family, next neighbor is over a mile away, so not much to worry about here, plus they would have to drive up a quarter mile drive way to get to the house.
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    Slim chance, but I'm always prepared.

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    There is a slim chance we will see anything here, I'm 30 miles outside of any large city and a small country town that has recently grown into suburbia USA... however, if anger is directed suburbia is a prime target.
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    I guess if my guy loses I could go down to our local Macy's and ask to see the store manager... (I'm just too old to riot)

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    I live too rural and don't anticipate any mischief in my community. None of us display our "jewelry" in our windows, besides a diesel F-250 would give 'em all hernias trying to turn it over.

    I know from experience my cow's can take care of themselves......that's one stampede a rioter will lose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICTsnub View Post
    I'm going to run with SIXTO's idea, and do my first DC poll. Let's assume the worst, and there is rioting. How likely is it to happen near your home?
    Personally I could only hope that we have riots after the election. It would mean that the guy less likely to assault the 2A won.

    I hope they riot near me, but that is about as likely as me winning the lottery, especially since I don't buy tickets.
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    I live rural, but on an artery that leads to/from urban areas.

    When you hear "Virginia Beach/Norfolk" you don't think "riot," but it wasn't too many years ago that there were riots at the oceanfront. Lots of black college kids at "Greekfest." Party got out of hand, then the whole situation mushroomed. Went on for several days. I was working as a security officer an hour away and had a few tense encounters with rowdies who were leaving the area and going home.
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    I can't say what would happen in the bluegrass state. L-ville might have a slight possibility of something happening, doubt it though. Fort Knox is just a stones throw away, so to speak. Plus all us crazy Kentuckians with our guns.

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    Ok, fess up, who are the two who think it's in their backyard?

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    Paco, I am a little shocked at west Plano, I can see what you described in east Plano, but regardless I suppose anywhere anything is possible. Rockwall, I really dont see a problem, however there are way to many areas between here and work that could be a problem.
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    I'm not at all worried about riots.

    It would be incorrect to say that I live in the middle of nowhere......but you can see it from here.

    The farmers aren't going to riot. They've got too much work to do.

    ....and the college kids aren't going to riot, either, because there are so many farmers....

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    Living in Miami, expect anything... or nothing at all.
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
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    Probly not here, because the cow's even vote.......

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