Accident scenario

Accident scenario

This is a discussion on Accident scenario within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now...more so since the deer population has been overly active with the change in weather. Actually, ...

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Thread: Accident scenario

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    Accident scenario

    I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now...more so since the deer population has been overly active with the change in weather. Actually, Arkansas ranks 7th nationally for deer related accidents. Anyhow........thoughts and input again please. Here's the scene:
    You are driving to work one early morning at around 04:20. You are flying solo in your car, not carrying on your body, but pistol is on the seat, under the seat, or somewhere accessible. Your cell phone is on, and on your belt or laying in the passenger seat charging. Cruising along at the posted limit of 70mph, when a deer jumps out in front of you. Whether or not you swerve, or hit the deer, you end up going off the road, hit a sign post, and nose dive the car into an embankment. Your vehicle can plainly be seen from the highway. You may have blacked out for an undetermined time due to the shock, or airbag deployment. You become coherent at the sound of voices and a vision of flashlights. Coming to your senses, which item would you attempt to find first? The cell phone, or the pistol? What if you are unable to find either one within immediate reach due to partial entrapment or immobilization of your body? You figure that more than likely passers by have found you since highway police are almost non-existent at these hours unless there has been something reported. What would you do, and how would you go about things once other folks have made it to your car to find out your condition and lend assistance or just investigate? Would you tell them you are okay, and ask them to call police? Would you allow them to try and extract you from the vehicle? Would you have all the doors locked and attempt to determine who the supposed rescuers were and their intent before allowing them to help you? Would you fear that your pistol is in view from those outside your vehicle that you cannot see? If you managed to find your cell phone, it may be damaged and unusable. I know this is pretty general, but it keeps running through my mind. It's been five years since a deer ran out in front of me and bounced a few times off the passenger side of my pickup after I swerved into the oncoming lane on a two lane highway. Every day I've drove to work these past few weeks, I spot many deer along side the road grazing, and often see two or three messes in the road apparently done by 18-wheelers. Bits and pieces mostly, and the blood stained roadway after the fact can run a couple hundred feet. There is about a five mile stretch I drive through that I term 'deer alley'. Just think about it and post your thoughts. Thanks.

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    My first thoughts? Paragraphs are your friend! Second thoughts...were you just in an accident?

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    Well, having creamed a derr earlier this year, I can appreciate your scenario. Assuming that I have "come to my senses", and am thinking clearly, I would try to assess the situation; am I injured?, are the voices around me official, i.e, ambulance or police?

    Assuming I am in one piece, and the people around me were in official capacity, I would refuse the immediate medical help, and contact the closest police officer. I would then tell him/her that you were legally carrying, and take it from there.

    Of course, if you were injured, or dazed, you may have to make the best of a bad situation until a LEO came around.

    My 2¢.
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    In this situation I'm sure I'd have to first reach for the glove compartment to get my clean shorts my Mom always said to make sure I had. I'd then probably look for my gun as it is most dangerous in the hands of others, then my phone. This is all of course providing I am only dazed from the accident and not out of it due to injury.

    I have often thought of what I would do, should I ever need to be taken to the hospital and since I carry IWB no one would really know until they take off my shirt for whatever reason, check for injuries or to simply stare at my muscle development . But say I am coherent enough and I hear "GASP, he has a gun!" when my clothing is removed. Do I tell them it is OK and offer to remove it and make it safe (since there is no actual safety on my Sigma .40) or do I have them call a LEO over to assist? This is all providing my Wife isn;t there to remove it for me.

    So if the voices are there to help and not the ones in my head, I'd at least tell them there is a loaded pistol in the car and I am not sure where it ran off to. For all I know the deer has it and is gonna get even with me?
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    If you are physically immobilized from an accident, there is really not much you can do about the cell phone or gun...both are probably going to be located on the front floorboard or dashboard.
    If still conscious, I would share that info with the police when they arrive...don't want your firearm towed away with the car in which case it could very likely disappear.
    Unless I'm in a bad area with my gun tucked between the seat and console, or under my weapon stays in a holster on my person.

    If you were unconscious, well, not much you can do. Perhaps share the needed info with police when you finally realize what has happened.
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    If your gun was holstered It should still be there unless you weren't wearing a seatbelt and got flung around the vehicle.Under no circumstance should you let anybody move you until you've been checked out by medics,you could have a spinal cord injury and not know it,better to get strapped on a backboard and x-rayed to be sure especially after plowing into a ditch.
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    Ha Ha.....going to work at 4:20.....Well there's yer problem....get a civilized job where you go to work at 9:00...or even 7:00, then you can still be sleeping at 4:20!

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