Constant Gang Related Shootings

Constant Gang Related Shootings

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Thread: Constant Gang Related Shootings

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    Post Constant Gang Related Shootings

    This (below) is why (as a civilian) I wear body armor when I venture into some areas of Pittsburgh to look for antiques.
    I just don't want to ever catch a "stray" one.
    Most of it happens at night though.
    In the daylight/daytime most areas are moderately safe.
    Things sometimes get wicked/bad after dark though.

    Please do not turn this into a racial thread.
    It is just a very extremely sad fact that 99+ % of all violent gun killings in PGH. are Black On Black by non licensed~to~carry persons packing unregistered firearms. These kids in Pittsburgh are trapped like rats in this Crappy world & they get lost until the gangs find them.

    Years ago my suggestion to our useless Mayor was for the City to get funding from the State to open up Summer Camps & get the really young kids Out Of The Urban Bungholes all summer long. From the time school is out until school starts again.
    We need to get them into the real outdoors to learn basic survival & canoeing skills, archery, swimming, horseback riding, baseball, C.P.R. ~~~ the whole 9 yards.
    These young kids honestly need something worthwhile to live for.
    They need to see, taste (and live) in a better world aside from the one that they are hopelessly trapped in.
    The counselor's could be retired military & ex-military & retired LEO's & National Guard & they could be paid for their services.
    Speaking for myself, I absolutely would volunteer in a heartbeat.
    That would be Much Better than throwing that same money down the tubes to constantly "police up" after these kids enter the Gang Life.
    Maybe I'm being too idealistic but, I have seen (first hand) how young kids can can change forever when they have tasted a better well structured environment...out in nature.

    These kids need to chop wood, pitch tents, care for animals, learn how to build a campfire & the list goes on & on. Once a person is ingrained (at an early age) with the knowledge that they really CAN depend on themselves for their own survival...then they don't need to be part of a gang. They LEARN Self Worth. They Learn to trust and depend on themselves. They can learn Map Reading Skills ~ Global Positioning ~ Wildlife Conservation ~ Forestry, Search & Rescue, First Aid etc., & then they have a possible future with real job skills.
    This would open up a whole potential world of opportunity for kids.

    Editorial: Stop the shooting / Pittsburgh must find a way to end gun violence
    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    What will it take to make the shooting stop? In troubled communities across Pittsburgh, the sound of gunfire in the neighborhood has achieved the ubiquity of rain on a spring day.

    It casts a pall over every idle street corner. It erupts over matters as insubstantial as neighborhood affiliation, a rival's perceived lack of respect or the affection of a young woman flattered that her charms are worth killing for.

    What will it take to make the shooting stop? For 16-year-old Keith Watts, killed as he sat in his grandmother's Geo Tracker outside Carrick High School last week, the answer -- if there is one -- will come too late. The young man's casket was carried Monday from the sanctuary of Macedonia Baptist Church while friends, family and acquaintances mourned for him. There was fierce regret in the air, but no one had any answers.

    Plenty of blame was parsed and assigned, though. The usual suspects were singled out: poverty, a culture that glamorizes violence, bad parenting or no parenting at all, lack of community leadership, the easy availability of guns, the cheapness of life, loss of middle-class people in the neighborhood and alienation from everything meaningful in life. The list goes on.

    Keith Watts had ambitions to become an engineer, but he got involved in petty neighborhood squabbles more befitting of gangsta wannabes. Last month, his enemies shot at him outside his grandmother's house. His killers finished the job on March 16.

    What will it take to make the shooting stop? Will it require a Marshall Plan to reconstruct the inner city? Will it take 100 percent employment to stanch the flow of blood in the streets? Perhaps moral indignation, all across Pittsburgh, would help. Black men must become the prime agents of their own salvation and those pulling the triggers have to quit settling disputes with guns.

    What will it take to make the shooting stop? A reason to live would be a good place to start.
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    Excellent post, QK, especially your part.
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    QK - ''if only'' eh - your thinking if implementable would make a huge difference I am sure - catch 'em young, point 'em in a good direction and for many, it would set them up to at least follow a better life-style.

    As for the ''dedicated'' gangsta's - frivolous tho it sounds, and of course untenable - I have this thought that it would be handy to put them all together, all gangs in a stadium - and ''leave them too it''. Send in the clear-up team when they are done!

    These are major issues in probably most if not all major conurbations in the land. It sure would be good tho to steer the youngsters away from it, somehow.
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    It kind of makes one want to ask what happened though.

    [RANT] I grew up in New York City. It wasn't a "rich" neighborhood, but we did have a sense of community that seems to be missing today. And NYC has always had it's ethnic areas, while those areas "grouped" together, no one felt the need to go kill off the others (very often ). In my area most of the residents were Italian, a few blocks away it was Jewish, Lucky me, I was neither! [/RANT]

    I guess sometimes I just wonder what happened?? All those college courses in Sociology didn't help much.

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    This may sound a little like a rant, but bear with are suggesting something that is a common sense solution. Most politicians don't typically work that way. In order to accomplish what you suggest, a politico would have to:

    1. Spend money out of the budget (they'd have to explain that)
    2. Hire leadership & oversight personnel for the program (more money) not to mention a "feasibilty study" would have to be conducted (delay tactics)
    3. The political gain for them probably wouldn't be realized until they were out of office (the biggie)
    4. It might upset the government's whole mindset of "plantation politics" ("Google" that term if in doubt)
    5. The politico would have to recognize it wasn't really his idea therefore sharing what politcal gain could be realized--it would also show lack of leadership on their part (not a vote getter either)

    My experience with politicians and suggestions to them all have taken place in a small town (500 or so folks) where I was training and safety officer for the VFD. Our equipment was ancient (our main pumper was a 1947 LaSalle and our "new" truck was a 1959 model grassfire type truck) and despite the fact that the city had a surplus in the budget several years in a row, the mayor and council refused to allocate any funds to update our equipment (the VFD wasn't the only entity suggesting the updates). They wouldn't even allocate funds to extend proper sized water lines and install fire hydrants for minimum coverage to some of the newer neighborhoods to help lower insurance rates for everyone. They instead hired a chief of police and 2 policeman, bought 2 FULLY equipped police cruisers, and bought enough hardware to outfit a small army (assault rifles, shotguns, etc.). I realize policing is a dangerous business, but triple redundancy (or more) is a little overboard for weapons. All this in a town where the worst crime in the last ten years had been a couple of fist fights, the worst being some domestic disturbances (those CAN be ugly). The town is primarily a farming and bedroom community where crime was taken care of by the folks themselves. The mayor said the police department would bring in revenue for the city (from traffic fines) and pay for itself. That never happened, and less two years later, the police department was disbanded and all the equipment auctioned off for about 20 cents on the dollar. Needless to say the mayor is now gone, as is the surplus in the budget, and nothing was done to improve fire protection. They wouldn't even pay for oil changes or minor repairs for the equipment.

    Still, in this country, we have a better chance of affecting change than most people of the world. How much longer that will last...who knows? If the government has it's way, not much longer I suspect. Good luck with your suggestions...the only way it'll happen is if enough voters bring it to the attention of the media and THEY decide to do something about it. OK, I'll get out of the pulpit now...I'm probably "preaching to choir" anyway as our pastor says.


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    Oh...I hear you and I know that what you're saying is the truth. Of course Local Government here cited Liability Concerns as their chief reason for brushing me off. I guess that "Drive By" shootings & young unskilled Crack addicted Mothers are not any sort of liability to them????

    Years ago the black population in Pittsburgh had a viable, working, (though segregated) population.
    It is important to understand that Pittsburgh was always somewhat segregated...and the PGH population had historically always been isolated according to religion, nationality, race etc.
    Squirrel hill was always a Jewish Community & Mt. "Lebo" was mostly White Anglo Saxon Prod & PGH had "All German Troy Hill" & Polish Hill & the other "Hill District" was Black.
    Their neighborhood was destroyed...AKA Decimated when the city needed to "make room" for the Civic Arena.
    Their homes & business district, restaurants, and Clubs were bulldozed and that sealed the deal & ended the tight knit black community in Pittsburgh. That coupled with the "Welfare Program" destroyed Black Cultural Life and their sense of community in PGH.
    The city black population was not wealthy but, whites would go and spend good dollars there & listen to some of the best jazz music & there were some great places to eat.
    There was no animosity or danger in going there to "club" out & have a good time and people were not constantly getting shot and there were no gangs.
    I just hate to see any young lives wasted.

    I am not agreeing with EVERYTHING in the above article but, it has some basis in fact as far the City Of Pittsburgh is concerned.

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    LIABILITY CONCERNS=Lawyer speak for we're not going to do anything for fear of being sued frivolously...but, this is still the best country in the world to live in, despite our society's attitudes toward each other.


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    These programs allready exhist, they are called Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and 4H. These programs are not just for the sub's or country kids. All are welcomed open armed the problems is getting them to join. A city program getting the kids out of the city and doing all the things you sugest would be great but how do you get them to join up?
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