Parts and service problems

Parts and service problems

This is a discussion on Parts and service problems within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; It may be a series of unfortunate events or maybe just bad luck, but in the past few years I've had major problems when I ...

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Thread: Parts and service problems

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    Angry Parts and service problems

    It may be a series of unfortunate events or maybe just bad luck, but in the past few years I've had major problems when I order parts for my guns. The most recent involved a Barrel I ordered from Bar-Sto for a CZ40P I own... the barrel I received (at $200+) was not made for a 40P. I posted some pix in another thread if anyone wants to take a look. Hopefully, the problem will be corrected after the holidays, but it's a pain having to go thru the process. If it were just the one time, I wouldn't be so annoyed, but I've ordered parts from a half dozen companies, from major gun makers to parts suppliers and had the same problems. Among other things, there were grips, sights, springs, barrels and other items. Some were model specific and others weren't. They were for a number of different guns of different make, model and manufacturer. The parts haven't been just for handguns, but rifles and shotguns also. There's been a problem with either incorrect parts (part was for the wrong gun) or an incorrect order (mistakes in the order itself or the order was "lost" and I had to contact the company about it's status after long - often months - waits) with at least 4 out of 5 orders I've made. When I've contacted the companies, more often than not I'm told, "Sorry, there must have been a mistake, we'll correct it". DUH!! Really!! Yes, there was a mistake, that's why I'm calling them. Even then, half the time the problem isn't corrected and I never hear from the company again or I'm sent ANOTHER wrong part. I could open my own parts company with the duplicate and incorrect gun related items I have that aren't being used!

    Is it just me and my bad luck, or has anyone else encountered this problem lately. Has the American retail/wholesale system and customer service gotten that bad? If so, it's no wonder people are willing to spend the extra dollars on foreign goods.
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    never had a problem ordering from Numrich or Brownells. Never had to order parts for my HK either.

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    I think Robert you have been especially unlucky. As Rocky mentions Numrich (Gun Parts Corp) and Brownells are great - I certainly can only sing their praise.

    True tho - there are (perhaps too many) outfits around who care inadequately for customer satisfaction and are sloppy with their methods - pity because it is damned frustrating, that I agree on totally.

    All we can do as individuals is, if dissatisfied badly enough and long enough - trumpet the problem on the web - and tell them you will so do - any half sensible company will not see this as beneficial to business.

    I would tho always give one chance - for something to be put right, if the company was for me a ''first offender'' After that if no luck - release the lions into the arena!!
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