This is a discussion on Polls within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was just wondering how many of the members here have ever been polled in a presidential election. I have never been polled!...

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Thread: Polls

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    I was just wondering how many of the members here have ever been polled in a presidential election. I have never been polled!
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    Not yet this time around, but I was polled in 2000. Random call.
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    I've been polled in this election.

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    I've been polled before over the phone....been years ago. Long as I've been a registered voter though....no jury duty. What's my favorite brand of cigarettes...............? LOL!

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    They tried to poll me but I told them I wasn't interested in participating. I don't enjoy talking to people I don't know on the phone.
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    I always put the phone up against the TV speaker and walk away.

    Does that count?

    They've tried to poll me this election, and twice last time.
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    I get called for polls and just tell them I don't do polls.

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    57 years old and never been polled, or called for jury duty. Either I'm very luck, or they get tired before getting down to the "R's" in the alphabet.
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    I don't answer the phone unless I know who's leaving a message, then I may pick up.
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    I don't answer polls, and my grandmother is czech.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    Never been polled for a presidential election, but I have been selected for jury duty three times in the last 8 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    I don't answer polls, and my grandmother is czech.
    I actually got that one.

    I have never been polled. I was in Singapore a few years ago, managed to not get canned either.
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    This year is a first for me - I have been polled by Rasmussen on three occasions. I have also been polled by local political organizations. As far as jury duty, I have, in the past, been called but never placed on a jury - neither side wants anyone with a background in law enforcement. Now a days I'm to old for them to call. :)
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    I find this thread most interesting. It is extraordinarily difficult to design a statistical experiment that will use a random distribution for an accurate poll. The fact that so many in our small forum have been polled is evidence of the weakness of the polls we see on the news every day.

    It takes as few as 1000 people to represent tens of millions of voters to within a few percentage points IF they are chosen carefully. The truth is that the polling organizations simply call random phone numbers and choose different numbers if people hang up, refuse to answer, or are simply disconnected. That sampling methodology is flawed. Exit polls are similarly worthless.

    The polls today, and even more statistically flawed is the average of polls, are meaningless. They are for entertainment value only. They give the media an opportunity to propagandize the people.

    It takes many months and really hard work to perform a truly random statistically sample. None of these polls are even close to accurate, which is why I will not be surprised when McCain wins the election. Sure, he may lose but it will not be because the polling as been mathematically sound.

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    Never been asked in 62 years, 9 states and 3 countries! They can't keep up with me!
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