Pledge of Allegiance

Pledge of Allegiance

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Thread: Pledge of Allegiance

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    Pledge of Allegiance

    You gotta love this country! (don't miss the last 5 seconds)

    The Pledge
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    I watched that with my son about the same age as the kid in the video; he was cracking up at the last bit too.
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    That should've made prime time !

    Very cute!
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    That, matie, is precious.
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    lool thats funny :-D

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    That had to be sent out in email.
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    Thats just way cute! I'm surprised that didnt hit the networks.

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    Cute kid...good thing it wasn't used on the networks...a particular party which shall remain nameless (hee haw)...would have checked out his background and reported any times he was late for preschool.
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