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This is a discussion on Obama wins within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; We are Americans and should act like it, if you don't like something then change it! That is what has shaped this country thus far. ...

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Thread: Obama wins

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    We are Americans and should act like it, if you don't like something then change it! That is what has shaped this country thus far.

    Well said Paco. This is America and I Love my country and I will work to make my country the best I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by badmojo View Post
    I will support the President even if I don't agree with him, but now we need to focus on the future and protecting our rights.
    I will support going in the right direction, and will fight through the appropriate channels any attempts to fail in the duty. Doesn't really matter who's involved, actually. Fiscal sanity, appropriate international engagement, solid defensive posture, non-porous borders, well-funded education, appropriate and well-funded infrastructure improvements, constitutionality in everything. So long as gutting of core principles and pauper-ization isn't the mantra in order to achieve numerous "soft" legacy points, I can deal with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    I think he has sought this "next job" for one purpose: to leave a legacy. Can't do that without bold action. Such as: a new Raw Deal (wealth redistribution to a whole new entitlement class with new levels of entitlement); evisceration of the nation's ability to defend itself, if only due to the sheer size of the budget; reduction of threats of violence (in a manner of speaking), via disarming upstanding citizens.
    I agree with what you say but I still think he is putting his re-election first.

    That gives us four years to work on getting him voted out.

    If we don't succeed, I agree that he will push hard on his "legacy".

    Sigh. As my brother said, this election has been an Obamanation.
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    This thread has been remarkably restrained considering its political nature. I hope it continues.

    My take on it is that the GOP in large part did it to itself with the war. It also had some bad luck with the economy deciding to visit the sewer just before the election. I thought the race was pretty much neck-in-neck until then.

    I don't have any reason to think Obama is going to make the economic problems or the war magically vanish, though. I guess the electorate as a whole just kind of thought maybe he would or he couldn't do worse.

    I am not a political analyst (and I don't play one on TV), but it seems to me that whenever the GOP gets going good it tries to do too much and either can't do it all or alienates people. Think '94....

    This is not good news for most of us. I hope we all get our hicap magazines, SKS's, AK47 clones/variants and AR15's ASAP, though.

    Dark days lie ahead.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    Look at the bright side. At least Bill Maher is out of a job, now. He's got nobody left to slander :)

    Also, I hope his acceptance speech is not a sign of things to come.

    "We are not a collection of individuals." "We (meaning us, not him) must make more sacrifices."

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    Well Republican turnout was the lowest its been since 1980. I truly feel had turnout been high we could have narrowed and even surpassed the 3-8% leads he had in battle grounds.

    I'm planning on flying up for his Inauguration to protest, if anyone wants to join me let me know.

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    I lived thru 4 years of that grinning peanut farmer from Georgia and I’ll make it thru this guy too. It was difficult but we did. Then came 8 good years of one of my heroes, Reagan. This is the only good thing I can see that may be coming. We can only hope this guy doesn’t turn us to far to the dark side that we can’t recover. I’ll have to hope he doesn't stack the Supreme Court against us. God is on our side, don't give up hope.


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    A big second to Paco's post here. This is bad, no doubt, but it's not the end. Now is when we need to get MORE active. We're not a small minority, McCain still got 46% of the vote. We need to be a loud minority but not an obnoxious and disrespectful one like the liberals have been the last eight years. I'm ready to fight for what's important, are you?
    - Kurt
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    Well, I quit my job today. I'm sitting out here on my deck waiting for the big government teet to lower out of the sky to nourish me. At my feet is all my precious weapons stacked up tied with bows. Given as a peace offering to the big government god that will hopefully soon come to protect and provide for me and my family. It surely is a new age of hope and change, all is good.
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    So we were defeated in one battle, no reason to give up. Now is the time to start building up for the Mid term elections in 2010. We have to make sure that any anti-gun Senator or Represenitive whose term in office is up is voted out of office. Also now is the time to look towards 2012 and see who would be the best person for president. We have a lot of enemies out there, so lets go get them.

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    I think we need to fly the flag at half mass for the passing of the U.S

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    As much as I hate to admit it, the GOP deserved to lose this election. They have done nothing to prepare and fought an impotent campaign and chose one of the worst contenders to be their front man. So many slam dunk points of contention were ignored; it really makes me wonder why. They have not done much for their base in 16 years.
    I love McCain for his service, but they sent an old man off to slaughter. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I'm not disappointed that Obama won. Clearly, he is an intelligent man capable of being a excellent leader. So were Stalin, Hitler and Hussein. I hate the fact that we will now have a socialist in the White House, but he and the Dems clearly ran the table, and that was made a lot easier by the dumbing down of America. Apparently nobody is paying attention anymore. I feel as if I'm among a huge pack of lemmings, there is not much I can do at this point.

    I'm far more disappointed in the American public. I've yet to find one single Obama supporter than can tell me why the man is suited to run our country. Not one. They all talk about 'change' and 'making history'. Well, voting a mongoloid into the White House would have created change and history too.

    I don't know guys, each election we get stronger and stronger socialists to choose between. They keep giving us chicken salad or chicken feces. Nobody is paying attention as our country, culture and way of life is being stolen. We now have a "Global Leader". Read the headlines. We are being boiled and apparently most of us are stupid to know it or care.

    BTW, the gun ban won’t come until the second term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    Gentlemen... done crying and slobbering?

    Obama is here for Four Years whether we like it or not. About The Only Good News, they did not get super majority in Congress.

    John McCain fought like a Gentleman and lost like a Loser. He imposed on himself and his followers asinine Rules of Engagement while the opposition did not bother, Does that sound familiar to you Veterans?

    What are our targets?
    1) Congress: We get rid of the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and bring out true conservatives. NOT ONE PENNY TO ANY POLITICIAN WHO CRAPS OVER THE CONSTITUTION. And no more "terse" letters which make us sound like beggars. We demand that our rights are to be respected and untouched or they will find themselves without jobs and under lots of scorn.

    2) Media
    2a) Newspapers. Newspapers are right now in a very precarious situation. Most of all the big names are hurting bad and cutting jobs to save pennies. Any rag that promotes and celebrates the restrictions to our freedoms must suffer. If you have a subscription to a paper like that, wake up tomorrow and cancel it. By the same toke, if a paper is in favor of all constitutional rights, specially a new struggling one, get not one but two subscriptions, help them out.
    2b) Broadcast News Media TV. Right now they are where papers were 10 years ago. It seems their ratings somehow suffered during the coverage of the campaign and that they are losing viewers to the Cable outlets. How do we get them? Ratings of course. If you are a Neilsen family, switch your TV to any other station but broadcast news when they come on. DirecTV and DISH Networks are much easier because your box keeps track of what you watch and provides ratings. Just program your set to jump to another channel at the time of Broadcast news or turn the thing off.
    2c) Fairness Doctrine. Our pal Schummer is already having orgasmic fits thinking he will be able to re instate the Fairness Doctrine and he does indeed have a good chance to do so. Here I am thinking we simply inundate all media outlets before the Fairness Doctrine gets approved, that we will demand every day equal time or that we will demand that the proper authorities take action on such blatant violation of the law. Perhaps the Big Media honchos will put enough pressure on Schummer and Co as to drop the idea altogether.

    3) Get Involved! Emails and phone calls are always good, but presence always beats everything else. From creating your own blog/website to drop by your local representative's office and ask to speak to him or her to voice your opinion. Yes, you will not get him or her, but an aide will meet you and believe me, it will make an impression when they get 10 or 20 personal visits about the same subject. And no "We need contributions to accept your point" but "You make the point and we MAY support you with contributions...if you behave correctly & constantly." We do not need to make big or impressive speeches, just be direct, polite and stubborn about your cause.

    These are just some thing from the top of my head. Add what you think is necessary, but for the Love of God, STOP WHINING!

    I agree with you, my complaining is not going to change the fact he is my President now. I just hope he gets the job done..
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    Quote Originally Posted by HITCH KING View Post
    I think we need to fly the flag at half mass for the passing of the U.S

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    As much as I hate to admit it, the GOP deserved to lose this election. They have done nothing to prepare and fought an impotent campaign, and chose one of the worst contenders to be their front man. So many slam dunk points of contention were ignored....
    My thoughts EXACTLY.... Eventually became painful just watching after a while.

    I'm far more disappointed in the American public. I've yet to find one single Obama supporter than can tell me why the man is suited to run our country. Not one. They all talk about 'change' and 'making history'. Well, voting a mongoloid into the White House would have created change and history too.
    I've run into the same thing around me. I'm still at the grad/professional school level so the vast majority around me heavily supported Obama but I ever heard was the same mantra of how "change" was needed and a few of the same talking points you hear on TV.

    I'm disappointed we lost but really hope that this serves to wake the republican party from whatever blinders they have on at this point. It was almost eerie seeing how starry eyed and infatuated Obama supporters have become with him and the "idea" of change. If people really wanted honest-to-goodness change there were much better candidates out there that were totally dismissed.

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