explained CCW to a friend...

explained CCW to a friend...

This is a discussion on explained CCW to a friend... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; and i think i may have turned on the light... i was explaining why i was hoping nobama didnt win and was explaining some gun ...

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Thread: explained CCW to a friend...

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    explained CCW to a friend...

    and i think i may have turned on the light...

    i was explaining why i was hoping nobama didnt win and was explaining some gun stuff to him, and he asked if i ever really saw a need to carry a gun. i told him about some murders local to me, and reminded him how bad it was in the poconos (where we both went to high school)

    the example i used was as follows:

    imagine your in a bank, going about your business, and a robber walks in... now how long do you think it would take the pocono cops to get from wherever they are, to the bank? ide say at least 5 or 10 mins. now if everyone, every single person was armed, how long do you think that robbery would last? do you think he would have the chance to kill one person? maybe. two people? doubtful.

    now imagine that the gov. says no one can carry a gun. well the only people that would listen are the law abiding citizens. so you basically told criminals, "you are the only people with guns". how much more likely do you think that person is to try a robbery ?

    or a home break in. i know for me to get from the school to my house was 15mins (school was next to the station), so i think its safe to say about 10 mins. so thats 10 mins plus to sit there praying it was a raccoon coming through a window you forgot to shut. think of the murders that happened in someone's house in the Poconos and around Scranton. do you really wanna leave it up to chance that the cops will get there before the robber gets across the house ? wouldn't you feel better knowing you could protect yourself, or you girlfriend should she be home?

    or how about the stabbing that was outside of our walmart? wouldn't you feel better knowing you were protected ?

    at that you could kind of see the gears in his head start to grind.

    now i know some of my reasoning and examples are flawed, but the way i see it, if it gets someone thinking about it... cant hurt

    so i was just wondering what ya'll thought of that

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    as good a way as any to get someone thinking.

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    Keep talking to him...we need as many as possible to join the CCW club.

    Stay armed...hang with armed people...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    hang with armed people
    No problem retsupt99. I get nervous around un-armed people. Predators look for target-rich environments & I have no interest being among the flock.
    There are only TWO kinds of people in this world; those who describe the world as filled with two kinds of people...and those who don't.

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    In my unit I think I've gotten at least 6 other paratroopers to get their CCW, one of them got his wife to go as well. Now I just need to get my wife interested.

    As far as I'm concerened the more the merrier.

    So please don't stop with just one friend... talk to as many as will show interest.
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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