First speeding ticket in 20 years...and on my Birthday!

First speeding ticket in 20 years...and on my Birthday!

This is a discussion on First speeding ticket in 20 years...and on my Birthday! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I got home from work today, got cleaned up and we went to go to dinner. We decided to go to a local place here ...

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Thread: First speeding ticket in 20 years...and on my Birthday!

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    Thumbs down First speeding ticket in 20 years...and on my Birthday!

    I got home from work today, got cleaned up and we went to go to dinner.

    We decided to go to a local place here in the small town we live in as the weather was rainy and getting colder, didn't feel like driving further than that.

    Ont he way, there is a spot where the speed limit goes from 45 to 30mph and as I transitioned that change in the speed limit, there was a white Dodge Durango sitting next to the road. I thought nothing of it.

    Then suddenly, there is that Durango behind me with blue lights under the grill and in the windshield flashing. So I pull over and the officer asks for my license and I get it out. (we were going to a restaurant that serves alcohol so I was not armed. The Glock was in the car but it was in the glove box)

    He takes my license back to the Durango and comes back with a ticket. He actually apologized to me for writing it. He tells me he didn't realize it was my birthday until he had already started filling out the ticket and they can't void them once they start writing them. He shows me that they are bar-coded to keep this from happening. He said he would have just given me a warning if he had realized it before filling the ticket out. He then tells me that he really feels bad when dispatch calls back and tells him my last ticket was in August of 1988!

    He clocked me at 46 in a 30 zone. But tells me it was right where the limit changes so I can go to court on the 17th of December, tell the Judge that and that it was my first ticket in over 20 years and it will most likely be dismissed.

    All in all, a pretty crappy birthday present.
    Dinner was good though.
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    HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!
    I have noticed a lot more radar activity in the past few months. Might be a revenue issue with the tightening of PD's budgets?
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    He's right about the ticket being voided. Its a major pain in the tail once you start writing it because they are reviewed every so often.
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    First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You don't look a day older than 15!

    I see TN has not changed its way regarding speed traps. Many many moons ago, late at night I was with the wife on my way to KY to visit some friends (we were not living in the US then, nor I was even a Legal resident back then) when I fell into one of those "65 mph oooops! now it is 45 mph" zones. I saw the cop on the side of the road and I knew I was gonna get dinged and bad 'cause I was doing 70-75.
    I pulled over and I was incensed. There were no towns in sight, not even a gas station and my wife commented that this particular county was known for being a speed trap haven and she was feeling bad for not realizing we were in it. This was abuse in its finest IMHO. So I did what I could do: when the officer approached my window, I smiled said "Buenas Noches Oficial" and handed him the rental papers of the vehicle, passport, driver license and National ID from the country we were living in country, driver's medical certificate (required to drive down there) and developed a sudden amnesia to the English Language.
    I admit I felt a pang of guilt trying to pull this one off, but it got cleared really quick when I heard the officer said we were doing 92 mph in a 45. There was no way in God's green earth I was doing 92 since I knew what speed I was doing, I do not like speeding and I would not pull such a speed on a vehicle I just rented and I was not familiar with. This was just a not even veiled attempt to squeeze money out of drivers.
    It was funny to see the LEO try to sort out and understand all these documents in Spanish. Eventually I think he decided that the hassle of this stop was too much, returned all the stuff and told my wife to tell me to slow down and have a good night. We drove away and less than a mile away, I saw the speed limit up again at 65. I think this section of the road was maybe 2-3 miles at 45 mph and it made me even more disgusted with this county.

    To this date and after 30 of driving I am still without a single speed ticket ever issued to me in any country I've driven.
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    Happy B-Day...what a 'downer'.

    Getting the ticket is only the first surprise...wait until you see the cost...
    Now your wallet is going to lose weight...I know the pain.

    Stay armed...enjoy the birthday, as much as possible...stay safe!
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    Bummer! Happy B-Day
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Sorry about the Ticket.

    I can't believe no one has asked. What did ya get for your Birthday?

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    Happy Birthday old man!

    This is one of the things I do NOT miss about that small town. I was always given a warning probably due to the contents of my van. Hopefully the judge person will give you a belated birthday present and dismiss it with no court cost. The hassle of getting off work to go to court is usually punishment enough anyway. And then there is the part where you have to go down town and pay for parking, disarm and walk among the criminals with no weapon to defend yourself, be subjected to standing in line to get into 201 with a bunch of low life individuals that would as soon harm you as to look at you, get searched-wanded-x-rayed and THEN have to stand in line single file for another hour while the same bunch of low life individuals continue there encrypted conversations about their criminal antics. Then you go before the person at the computer who looks up your ticket and verifies that you are the right speeder. Next you get to approach the left side of the bench where a clerk wannabe tells you that the ticket is being dismissed and "just slow it down out there for me, ok? And you have a nice day." Then the cost of a dismissed ticket really goes up! There is the multiple therapy sessions for PTSD from being subjected to the process, extra expense of comfort foods that are not normally on the grocery list, the meds, and on and on it goes.

    And I have only been there once in the last 10 years. One thing you can do is to put on the knee brace and get out the crutches. That will get you moved to the front of the line and get you a chair while you wait.

    One of the problems with Shelby County being so far in the red financially is that the mandate goes out to all department to reduce costs and increase revenue. Of course, the police department does that with issuing more tickets.
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    Happy Birthday Mike. It sounds like the officer felt bad about it and was very nice. It sucks that you'll have to go to court to get it dropped. I hope you get a judge that's just as nice.
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    Happy Birthday. You still got it Kid. Smile.

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