Gun show run-down

Gun show run-down

This is a discussion on Gun show run-down within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, did the local gun show today. I had been looking forward to it since it happened to coincide with my weekend off from work ...

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Thread: Gun show run-down

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    Gun show run-down

    Well, did the local gun show today. I had been looking forward to it since it happened to coincide with my weekend off from work for once! Going in with the feelings of the supposed, nationwide epidemic of overpriced, unavailable arms, the wife and I absconded from the homestead early today with a mere two cups of coffee in my gut (early). Expecting long lines a mere fifteen minutes after opening, we spent ten minutes in a cold north wind at a temperature of 45° to get in.

    While in line, I read the post on the door of $8 admission fee! Last time we went, it was $6, so luckily I printed off the usual $1 off coupons from the website. Still $14 for the both of us, I hated breaking the first twenty dollar bill just to get in. To make things worth while from the start, I had printed off 13 copies of the Arkansas Petition for Open Carry to leave at the front table after gaining approval from the powers that be. I expect the total sigs to surpass 600 by end of next week!

    So.......the wife was mainly out for Christmas gifts this time being she has been with me on so many gun show expeditions before. She tried out a Taurus Air-weight yesterday at the pawn shop, as she's been thinking of a decent pistol, and turned off somewhat by her previous experience with my looking for a revolver. Well...that went out the window today...she had a mission, and I had some things in mind myself. Suffice to say, the gun shows are more of a family event than years past for one reason or another. I like to have her with me, and she likes to go.

    The low-down............and since I've been reading the worst of things in the news, and about the current scare that's supposedly nation wide on the gathering of firearms and ammunition in light of our president elect......I learned that this hasn't hit close to home yet. This show had more of local, or within state vendors than I have ever seen. (Arkansas rocks!). First thing I caught on the gauntlet aisle was something I had been looking for for a long a large plastic bin, a bunch of gun parts. I spied not one, but two ribbed top covers for an AK-47. I grabbed them up, and solicited someone behind the table as to how much.....the lady stated "$3 each. Well, I was all for that! Got them both no matter whether they fit my rifle or not!

    Throughout the whole show, i did not see anyone taking Bubba over the barrel and sticking it to him like I was lead to believe. The I say, in Christmas mode got some magnetic bracelets for the girls in the family, and got a free keychain laser to boot. She'll be using the laser with evil intentions of freaking out the cat and dog (sad to say). She was impressed with the non-lethal shock apparatus....mainly for those times she feeds the mini-horse and donkeys on my work days. But anyway.....without further ado, here was my take on the gun show today.

    #1. Glad we printed off the $1 off coupons
    #2. Glad to get the chance to supply copies of the Arkansas petition for open carry.
    #3. two ribbed top covers for my AK @ $6....priceless!
    #4. 2 boxes UltraMax .223 55gr SP@ $10.50 each
    #5. 2 boxes Winchester Ranger 12ga 2 3/4" Low recoil 1OZ SLUGS FOR $10
    #6. 1- Schrade ultra sharp knife @$5
    #7. AR-15 spare parts to consist of 2-detents for takedown pins, springs to match, buffer detent spring/detent, one rear takedown pin for a total of $4.50.
    #8. One slightly used G19 mag (non-LEO marked) $20 (excellent condition).

    Like I say, nobody was bending Bubba over the barrel here. Out of the three local gun shows I've made this year, everything was on par, and everything is going up in price. Nothing above expected here. Magazine prices I would say, have gone up $5-$10 each depending, and that's all I could see an increase for in the big picture.

    Among the Arkansas home state reps were.......
    Knesek Guns, Inc.
    Arkansas Quartermaster Home Page

    I talked extensively with each one of these representatives. It's good to know the home state has a good supply line, and in my opinion, there's nothing better than helping the local economy/job force. Wilson's Combat is also a home state resource, as well as Remington ammo. Like I've said here and there...........Arkansas is a good place to be!
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    Good for you! Here in gun friendly Arizona, gun show are nothing more than a gaggle of pawn shops, beef jerky peddlers, and over retail price dealers. After spending $6 to park, $12 entry, $5 Cokes, and $8 hamburgers, you'd better be able to find some outstanding hidden deals just to break even! I still go, but find my best deals outside the gate with private sales. I don't go in.
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    Sounds like you had an enjoyable day at the gun show...nice the wife wanted to go along.
    Down here, they have become a 'rip'...OMO...I don't even go to them anymore.

    Stay ammo...stay safe!
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    some guys have all the luck..I have noticed tho, many gun shows have very little info thrown out to the public as to the upcomming event, no advertisment. Could it be that the advertising media over prices it's rates for the gun shows? Wish I had known abt that gun show prior to the event, only after it was over did I hear abt it.
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    So far the prices have stayed the same at the shops here. The only thing really increasing in price is the ammo, especially .223 and 7.62x39. But it has been creaping up for a while now.

    Glad you had a good time, just jealous we don't live in an area that has any good gun shows.
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    For DrLewall: Gun Show Listings For Arkansas
    Usually, billboards are used to advertise in my experience, so mainly local. You can also get early warnings in the area newspapers, and online matter of fact. Just figure your area that you'd be willing to travel. It seem like the shows split two weeks or so between Springdale and Ft Smith when they happen. Fayetteville has one every now and then at the fairgrounds building.
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    There was a gun show in Richmond this past weekend. I didn't go, because, I don't like this particular show. I did hear, however, that although this show usually draws something over two thousand people over the weekend, there were over five thousand attendees this weekend.

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