What should I do about this order?

What should I do about this order?

This is a discussion on What should I do about this order? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; a week ago when i bought my lower receiver, i also bought the parts kit, and 6 magazines from Del-Ton. well i have had my ...

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Thread: What should I do about this order?

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    What should I do about this order?

    a week ago when i bought my lower receiver, i also bought the parts kit, and 6 magazines from Del-Ton. well i have had my lower receiver, but Del-Ton still hasn't shipped my stuff. every day i check it, its says "processing". i sent an e-mail, but it said it may be a week or two before i get any response from them. I'm torn between sitting and waiting, or just finding some place else to get the stuff from. the only problem i see is that everywhere is sold out of 30rd. P-mags the one i wanted to get. i bought 6 from del-ton, but like i said, nothing yet.

    the day after i put in the order, i saw it on my credit card online, but now when i check, i haven't been charged for it.

    sorry if this is pointless to you all, but i just kinda wanted to vent, and see what others thought. i had figured of all the parts to get delayed, it would be the lower, with the whole background check, but this... i just don't know...

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    The dreaded "processing" message.

    I feel your pain ! Being stuck with waiting or looking to another vendor is a very common dilemma these days.

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    Well, what you did was like waiting for a rain storm to buy an umbrella, on in this case, the flood waters are at your feet and you are just starting to build your ark.

    Anybody who sells or make AR stuff has a huge backlog. You'll just have to wait I guess.
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    Call them direct NO email and ask. I ordered a kit from Model 1 sales on 10/31 and it was sent out 11/14, but credit card still not charged(I can only hope they forget) But before when I called them, they ask when I ordered it and told me the were working on the kits ordered 3 day before mine and that on election day they had 2000 orders for that one day. So ya your probably going to have to wait awhile. As for mags buy em when you see em, can't have too many.
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    From their website.

    Please allow 4-8 weeks for order processing. We are making every attempt to fill orders, and answer emails as fast as we can. Order volume and phone volume is at an all time high right now and we're doing all we can to process orders as fast as possible. Our phone lines are working, please keep trying.
    We appreciate your business and your patience!

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    BIG pet peeve of mine!!!!

    Selling something that is NOT available
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    I"m dealing with something like this from Midway. I ordered a new Sabre upper that showed in stock, ready to ship. Place the order, it doesn't clear for 2 or 3 days. I call them up, find out they oversold. I canceled that order and ordered the same thing on backorder due to be filled somewhere between the 21st and 24th.

    friday I get an email telling me the backorder has cleared. I excitedly logged into Miday...it's sitting in "processing" status...not moving...again.

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    when i bought everything, it said all of it was in stock, so i figured it wouldn't be that hard to grab a few things, throw them in a box, and ship it off... i guess i was wrong.

    i don't mind waiting for the mags that much, because i have no upper, no stock, its safe to say i wont need the mags for a while. i just want the trigger kit so that i can put together the lower and feel like i have something... if they sold out of mags, i wish they would send the rest of my stuff and ship the mags out when they get them... maybe they sold out of everything when i look at their site now, it says everything is in stock... i'm too impatient for this sorta stuff

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    Yeah, I placed an order at Del-Ton a week ago, and I am stuck in Processing Hell. All I ordered was couple of AR-15 grip screws, washers, and a carbine wrench. I am not waiting 4--8 weeks for those, if that's the case. Of course, I just tried to call and got ye old fast busy signal, so this is not looking promising...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeprekopa View Post
    a week ago...
    You'd die if you knew how long I've been waiting for my uppers from Rock River Arms...

    As of Nov 8, Del-Ton has no Pmags in stock and was told 3-4 weeks by Magpul.


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    Sounds normal for a high demand situation. They scan your card info upon receiving your order to see if it's good, but the actual charge isn't made at that time.
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