Caring about others

Caring about others

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Thread: Caring about others

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    Caring about others

    Well friends, it's that time again. The Salvation Army Bell Ringers are out, a record number of decent families are hurting, and some of us are doing okay, or better. I've been blessed beyond all of my expectations so I will do my share. I'm asking all of you to please help out those that are hurting, and from everything I've ever seen, The Salvation Army does a great job. Thank you and God Bless.
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    Personally, I ask my church for a family in need, and go directly to them. That way 100% of my donation goes to the target. I know the Salvation Army is a worthwhile organization, but they have tons of overhead and costs. I want every penny I donate to go toward the cause, not an administrator's salary.
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    Our church sends money in all Sunday quite a few families are packing and bringing along a complete Thanksgiving meal for other families in need.
    It never hurts to continue thinking about others less fortunate.
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    I've given to charity over the past twelve some odd years. Every year it's for a different cause. VFW, State Troopers association, the Olympic shooting team, Feed The Children, the local city 'Shop with a Cop', the Angel Tree, etc......... For the past ten years, I'll say that these looked good for my year end taxes. Still, I was glad to give, and receive those wall hanger diplomas given to supporters after the fact. And I was actually proud to be helping those in need the world over. These past couple of years, I've not been able to make those generous contributions to nationwide organizations. When I had, I gave. Now........things are getting closer to home. I don't know if I'll ever see $65k a year like I did for two years in a row, but I do have a heart when it comes to supporting my community now........if it be tax deductible or not. That's not really important any more. Personally, I made it through a first round of lay-offs before the holidays. I know of a lot of folks that are going to have hardships for the entire holiday season. Right here at home. Anything I have extra will be going to those folks who need it most, and that won't be far from home. Years ago, when I learned of the Salvation Army bell ringers getting hourly pay, I quit giving to the cause. Personally, I work hard for a living. Anything I do or put toward charity is going to go toward those in need, and not those who would pander for an hourly wage. I'll be giving a lot this year, but not for the sake of tax deferrals, or on-the-spot solicitors, but for my immediate community, and mainly for those children who haven't known the meaning of Christmas for a very long time. I am more than happy to have a job this holiday season, and I thank the Lord God. In turn, I'll be giving accordingly to those whom would be without hope this holiday season, and to give the children something to hope for....even if that hope be the next meal. I pray the Good Lord help them all....because I sure can't do it alone.

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    I am thinking of donating to the Obama 2012 campaign, but am still undecided.

    Actually, our church is signing people up to be bell ringers, so I'm gonna do it for a couple of hours. I wonder if they have a policy on bell ringer carry? I think I'll follow the don't ask, don't tell policy on that one.
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